The FIS Fintech Accelerator: what we’ve learned so far

Surfly was announced as one of the ten companies to be accepted into the FIS Fintech Accelerator, in partnership with The Venture Center, at the end of May, and that was a big moment for us. It was exciting to be accepted, and even more so to be one of only ten companies chosen from hundreds of global applicants. We were already working with some of the world’s leading financial services institutions like AXA, Standard Bank, and New York Life, but we are always looking to learn more to help us innovate and better serve our current and future customers. And during the past three months of collaborating and working with FIS and The Venture Center, we have been able to do just that. 

Surfly recreates the in-person meeting experience online through co-browsing and video chat technology, instantly connecting companies to customers in one browser window, so as you can imagine, the last six months have been busy ones for us. Companies from different industries around the world have reached out to us as they look to solve the problem of connecting to their own customers remotely. And for industries like Financial Services, digitization has quickly gone from being “kind of important” to the number one priority in 2020. 

The timing was perfect for our chance to work with FIS and The Venture Center. We’ve gained unique insights into how we can continue to develop our technology to meet the needs of the Financial Services industry. We have also had the opportunity to directly speak to Financial Institutions and learn about their needs firsthand. Those conversations have been instrumental in helping us continue to improve our product as well as validate one of our key assumptions: customers of financial service companies want the ability to remotely do all the things they used to do in person, and using co-browsing technology like Surfly only enhances their customer experience. 

Even though our time in the FIS Fintech Accelerator program comes to an end in mid-October, we will continue to work with FIS and The Venture Center to improve our technology and gain key insights. At Surfly we see this as just the beginning of our journey to deliver the leading co-browsing and video chat technology to the Financial Services industry, enabling any company to improve their customer journey by recreating the in-person meeting experience online. In this new “remote reality,” the companies who succeed will be those who embrace technology that enables their customers to collaboratively complete any type of transaction, no matter where they are. 

To learn more about Surfly’s intuitive features and how we can help you serve customers with our powerful co-browsing technology, visit our website or contact us.