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Use Surfly’s Interaction Middleware to transform any web interaction without changing the original application.

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Surfly’s Interaction Middleware is the driving force behind all Surfly Sessions and is built on top of our proprietary technology which utilizes our advanced network proxy and a versatile DOM/JS sandbox. The advanced network proxy intercepts all network traffic and our DOM/JS sandbox intercepts all communication with client-side browser API’s and supports modern web standards. It’s the core of our technology and what differentiates us from all other collaboration tools. This enables Surfly to act as a transparent layer of technology that can be added to any application to facilitate and improve its digital interactions. We’ve spent years perfecting it and it’s been battle-tested for the past five years as the underlying technology of our co-browsing solution. It’s our real super power, and now it’s available for you.

Build your product on top of Surfly

We enable you to build new solutions on top of external applications. The core of our technology is our proxy solution consisting of an HTTP/WS network proxy and the in-browser JS/DOM sandbox.

This allows us to intercept all the inputs and outputs of any web application. By defining what happens in those interception points you can completely change your own application or any third party solution.

Expand the technological scope of your product

With Surfly’s Interaction Middleware, you can add functionalities to any platform or application without changing the application itself. You can embed non-embeddable content, such as third-party applications, or maybe you want to inject custom Javascript code into web pages and build a ‘web-plugin’ that wouldn’t need any software installations on the client’s side.

The options are endless! Check out our technical blog to see what we are working on.

Enable secure interactions

Whether you use Surfly for co-browsing, our proxy solution, or our JS/DOM sandbox, all data flows through our servers through secure SHA-256 SSL encrypted connections. No session data is ever stored.

Additionally, we provide different options for deployment: public cloud, private cloud and on premise. Find out more in our Surfly Security and Compliance Center.

Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, 256bit SSL encryption, full audit log features, and masking of sensitive data to ensure you stay secure and compliant in all your interactions. We are HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, AICPA SOC, and PCI DSS compliant.

Learn more about Privacy and Compliance at Surfly’s core ›

Any questions?

Do you have questions about our plans or pricing? Feel free to contact us via our live chat, schedule a demo, or email us at You can also access our full documentation by clicking the link below.

See full documentation ›

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  • Catherine D
    23 November 2020

    Great additional service to our company!

    “It is so easy! No one has to download anything for us to connect and the steps needing to make the connection is simple. It has great features that make it easy to show multiple websites and even be able to show documents loaded in my computer. To be able to swap control of the cursor back and forth is also great, so the end user can feel a part of their own enrollment.”
  • Christian H

    Product Portfolio Director

    26 March 2021

    A pleasure from day one

    “Surfly convinced us from day one and since then, we didn’t get disappointed in this valuable and friendly partnership. The software of Surfly is a great addition to the OneDealer-portfolio and makes us, and more importantly – our customers, very happy.”
  • Unsub H

    Principal Engineer

    30 March 2021

    Secret Weapon Against COVID-19

    “Technical point of view
    – So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need change our website.
    – Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
    – Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
    – No installation, our customer don’t need additional installation.
    – Fast performance”