Video calling, with a fresh new look!

Video calling with Surfly just got a fresh new look, with a much sleeker, more modern UI, & easy to understand buttons.

Two viewing modes

There is now a sidebar mode option where all the participants appear on the sidebar instead of floating on top of the website that is being browsed. This enables a more immersive co-browsing experience as the video chat is not overlaid on the website content. Additionally, the active speaker appears in a larger viewing frame above all the other participants.

Standard mode

Sidebar mode

Three brand new features

In the audio and video settings, you now have three new settings – blur background, replace background, and face touch up

Blur background enables you to ensure that the focus remains on your face, while the background goes out of focus. You can do this with just one click!

Blur background 

With replace background, you can add any background you wish, behind your face. Add an office background while working at home, or a beach in the Bahamas while you’re at the office! 

Add a professional background while working from home

With enhance my appearance, you easily can smoothen your face. By dragging the lever towards the left or right side, you can control the intensity of the face smoothening. 

Seamless face touch up

Interested in these enhancements?

Then you need to go to your dashboard settings -> options -> session functionality and enable “videochat_enhancements_enabled”