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Suitsupply merges online and offline to offer a collaborative, high-touch experience to all their customers


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With over 140 retail locations around the world, including North America, Central America, Europe, and Asia, Suitsupply works hard to create an in-store environment where their customers feel like they only have eyes for them. As a creator of custom-tailored, bespoke suits and other clothing, collaborating with customers face-to-face is crucial to the shopping experience. When in-person shopping stopped in April of 2020, Suitsupply needed to recreate the in-store experience online, as well as offer a way for customers to collaborate remotely with a Suitsupply team member to customize their purchase.


Using Surfly’s Co-browsing technology, Suitsupply was able to recreate the high touch, in-store shopping experience online. Suitsupply enabled customers to meet with team members on the Suitsupply website, and use co-browsing and video chat to recreate the in-store and in-person experience. Both the customer and team member were able to co-browse the entire website remotely while interacting via video chat and work together to select the clothes the customer wanted as well as add the custom, bespoke elements that are unique to Suitsupply.


By implementing Surfly, Suitsupply was able to solve the immediate problem of being able to offer personalised, in-person services online when their physical locations were closed. This innovation allowed Suitsupply to carry on with business as usual and still provide a high-touch experience remotely. Suitsupply also discovered that shoppers wanted to continue to use this service even after stores re-opened, as it allowed shoppers to remotely choose the items they wanted, and have them ready for pick-up when they visited a physical store. This puts Suitsupply at the forefront of creating an online merge offline (OMO) customer experience.

What Suit Supply Says:

Fokke de Jong CEO, Suitsupply

“This is something we’re going to keep doing even after the pandemic. It creates a more efficient shopping experience, helps regulate occupancy and means people end up buying more because they’ve already pre-screened everything in their fitting room.”

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Suitsupply’s motto is “Don’t just fit in, find your own perfect fit”. For a creator of custom-tailored, bespoke suits, the in-person shopping experience is a crucial part of the customer experience. Thus, when in-person shopping stopped in April 2020, they knew it was time to improvise. They decided to contact Surfly, and by using Surfly’s industry-leading co-browsing and video chat technology, Suitsupply was able to solve the immediate problem of being able to offer personalised, in-person services online when their physical locations were closed. The shoppers could remotely provide their specifications to the Suitsupply team members and co-browse the website together to choose the items they wanted. By the time they reached the store, their items were ready for pick up! With Surfly, Suitsupply was easily able to generate remote sales by creating an online merge offline (OMO) customer experience.

Key Benefits

Innovate and adapt offline retail customer journeys using current technology investments with minimal change to the current infrastructure, allowing team members to offer the same high-touch experience remotely as they would in-store.

Suitsupply quickly shifted their offline buyer journey online when in-store shopping was not an option, offering a high-touch customer experience remotely. They discovered this was a service customers wanted even after in-store shopping became available, allowing them to continue to merge online and offline shopping.

An easy and seamless way to meet and collaborate with customers remotely, and offer them the same personal, high-touch experience they would have in-store.

Enabling Suitsupply team members with the ability to co-browse and video chat with remote customers on their website allows in-store team members to offer a high-touch experience any customer, whether they are in-person or remote, and continue operations when a physical location is closed.

A personalized, collaborative, and high-touch remote shopping experience that adds more choice and value to their interactions.

Increased shopping options for Suitsupply customers that lead to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Also discovering that customers want this enhanced customer journey to become permanent, reducing friction, and leading to more paths to purchase.

Awards and Honors

Enterprise Insurance

Why Surfly impressed me?

“Surfly’s co-browsing solution is easy to use for both customers and agents, and the back-end system allow business to customize many different settings like user interface and the back list/ white list, and so on.
What attracted me most is Surfly’s e-signature feature and document collaboration, which can help the insurance industry develop the digital online service significantly.”

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Administrator in Enterprise Financial Services

A hassle-free solution that is friendly to use, easy to integrate, and affordable to adopt.

“Universal browsing with video chat and document upload/download is a perfect combination for digital insurance! And I think the free trial and online resource is really helpful for early evaluation.”

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Catherine D.

Great additional service to our company!

“It is so easy! No one has to download anything for us to connect and the steps needing to make the connection is simple. It has great features that make it easy to show multiple websites and even be able to show documents loaded in my computer. To be able to swap control of the cursor back and forth is also great, so the end user can feel a part of their own enrollment.”

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