Surfly Spaces is here!

Today, we are launching the next iteration of the Surfly solution, which will give you complete control over any of your online journeys. While previously Surfly was primarily used as a co-browsing technology focused on the assisted online journey, this new iteration will enable a fully collaborative experience where all participants can share content simultaneously – with full control over the session and its content, while staying secure and private in accordance with any possible compliance regulations. Enter Spaces.

Here’s what the release of Spaces means for you:

Collaborative Spaces

The temporary Surfly session has evolved into a virtual collaborative Space where multiple participants can securely share a combination of different content or sources. Share multiple browser tabs, virtual screens or documents in a single secure online environment where every activity can be fully audited. Each Space can have its own group of participants, settings, configuration and look and feel.

Multiple Tab Owners

We’ve taken co-browsing to the next level: it is now possible for multiple participants to share web content at its original quality AT THE SAME TIME. For instance, have an advisor securely share their view of a back-end system while supporting a customer in the login area of a web application. Everything is rendered locally on the tab owner’s device for optimal visual quality, and security tokens or passwords will never leave their browser. Everything remains PCI and HIPAA compliant as you have full control of the data

Custom Workflows, without the need to write a single line of code

It is now incredibly easy to get started. Simply create a collaborative journey by building a custom landing page which, when opened, will automatically direct the incoming request to any of your available advisors.

All the flexibility you’ll need through our new API

For our power users and integrators, we provide an updated API which will give you full flexibility to customize everything to your liking, or integrate our technology into your own offering.

In our Help Center you can already find how the final version will look and feel, so go check it out!

We are looking forward to taking this next step of the journey with you!

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