Session Recording

Session recording

Surfly’s session recorder is a powerful tool that allows you to record online interactions instantly with just your web browser, making it easy to analyze customer behaviour and improve your application.

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Simple to use

Starting to record web sessions is incredibly simple. All you need is a link, and Surfly’s web based session recorder takes care of the rest. The end result is recorded as a video stream and delivered to your pre-defined storage endpoint, so you can easily access and analyze the data.

Detailed data analysis

With Surfly’s session recorder, you not only get video recordings of online interactions, but also a detailed log of all actions that occurred within a session. This includes participant metadata, web pages visited, and buttons clicked, all stored in a JSON format. This data can be analyzed to gain valuable insights into user or agent behavior, helping you to improve the customer experience.

Compliance measures in place!

Surfly’s session recorder ensures that your online interactions are recorded while staying fully compliant with key regulations such as HIPAA, PIC, or SOC2. Field masking is used to hide sensitive user data in the video recording and event log, ensuring that your users’ privacy is protected and that you remain compliant with important regulations.

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Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, 256bit SSL encryption, full audit log features, and masking of sensitive data to ensure you stay secure and compliant in all your interactions. We are HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, AICPA SOC, and PCI DSS compliant.

Any questions?

All you need to do is turn on session recording in your settings. Then just send a link and start recording!

Absolutely! Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, is ISO 27001 certified, and we do not store any session data on a disk. For more information check out our Security and Compliance Center.

While Surfly does not store customer and session data, we allow our customers to do so. For many of our customers in highly regulated industries (Insurance, Banking, etc.) keeping detailed audit logs is required for compliance reasons, so Surfly allows them to store detailed audit logs of all sessions.

Christian H Product Portfolio Director

“Surfly convinced us from day one and since then, we didn’t get disappointed in this valuable and friendly partnership. The software of Surfly is a great addition to the OneDealer-portfolio and makes us, and more importantly – our customers, very happy.”


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Catherine D

“It is so easy! No one has to download anything for us to connect and the steps needing to make the connection is simple. It has great features that make it easy to show multiple websites and even be able to show documents loaded in my computer. To be able to swap control of the cursor back and forth is also great, so the end user can feel a part of their own enrollment.”

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Unsub H Principal Engineer

Technical point of view

  • So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need change our website.
  • Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
  • Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
  • No installation, our customer don’t need additional installation.
  • Fast performance

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