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Congratulations and Welcome!

Congratulations and welcome on board! You are just steps away from creating the best online experience for your customers and prospects.

You can decide what Surfly functionality fits your needs best and integrate it into your website. It can be a “Get Help” button on your website that starts the session. It can be your own button, or a changed color scheme that fits your website. You may enable or disable certain features, build a separate landing page to kick off a session, and add a survey pop-up window after the session ends.

All you need is to decide what’s important to you, and a few code snippets we conveniently provide in Surfly Docs.

How should customers reach you?

Make Surfly a transparent part of your customers’ online experience

There are many ways a customer can reach you with Surfly. Depending on the goals you have in mind, whether it’s a sales demo or a support call, you’d want to provide your customer with the easiest way to contact you via your website. Here are some options to explore.

Entering the URL (Outbound approach)

Explore the best way to impress your customers and improve their experience with your website and products. Your customers can reach you in many way, so it is important to understand what option suits your needs best.

If you are a sales representative, the Outbound approach will be most suitable. The easiest and quickest way to co-browse is by entering the url of the website you want to browse into the ‘start session’ panel on your admin page. No configurations needed!

Custom Landing Page

If you wish to utilize Surfly as part of your support efforts, a custom landing page, where your customers can access a unique pin code to connect with an agent and learn more about the session ahead, is another way to start co-browsing. A support button redirects your customers to a landing page. Once an agent joins the session, both the agent and the customer are redirected back to the home page to begin browsing together.

Session ID approach

You can also completely integrate Surfly into your website, with the Session ID approach. This way, you can launch a co-browsing session directly from your website, and the whole experience has your branded look and feel. You can also add an optional pop up box, that is either an agreement or a form asking for users’ credentials.

Support Button or Command

Your customers can either reach you via a support button displayed on your website, or, if you prefer a no-button option, via a certain command, such as Ctrl+Enter that can be set to trigger a pop up with a pin.

Integrate with your Chat Solution

If you have a chat solution in place, it’s a breeze to integrate Surfly into your already existing solution. Your chat can be enhanced with co-browsing in no time!

Integrate with Existing Applications

You can add Surfly to your already existing application, or you can add your application on top of our solution. This is a great option if you are in a rapid need of a reliable, easy to integrate, and simple to use co-browsing solution. For some customers building it from scratch is too cumbersome and time consuming, especially when you need to innovate constantly and instantly. Partnering with Surfly with a full application integration can offer adequate expertise to provide and maintain the tool, and an innovation that is available immediately, as an invisible layer in your own product.

Read how RobinHQ integrated Surfly into their chat solution: “Customer Success Story: ROBIN Revolutionizes CX”

How should an agent answer incoming calls?

Benefit from Surfly’s flexible functionalities

The agents can make themselves available to receive and answer calls by utilizing our Queue page but also by merging Surfly with the already implemented software, to fill the information gaps in your buyer and customer’s journey. This workflow is also entirely customizable to best fit your existing processes.

Queue Page

To answer incoming calls, and agent can use our Queue page. When a customer logs in to your site, Surfly’s session queue can pass on certain information to the agent, to help them identify the customer they are about to co-browse with.

Integrate with your CRM

Integrating Surfly brings in valuable customer information directly into your CRM or callcenter software. This includes your customer information, their actions on your website, interest in your product and some hiccups they may have experienced along the way. An agent can access just the right information about the customer-buying journey, and avoid the frustrating information gaps.

Many of CRMs have modules already created to make installing a piece of cake, alternatively you may need to write a custom API, if your CRM is smaller and less popular.

Customize the workflow

You can also completely customize the workflow for agent answering incoming calls with our REST API. You can manage the session, the agent and the queue functionality. You can build your own queue on top of our API and use Surfly as an invisible layer.

What should a Surfly session look like?

Customize Surfly to fit your needs

Surfly can be fully customized to suit your needs. Many changes can be achieved by just customizing the settings on the admin panel, but they are also available through our API.

Docked mode

You can minimize the standard Surfly chat box to a small, tucked away dock.

Customize the Looks

You can customize the looks of the co-browsing session, the chat box and icons to better fit the look and feel of your website. You can remove the Surfly user interface completely (UI) and use your own custom elements instead. For example, you can apply your own theme color to the chatbox and the icons, as well as the support button.

Select the Functionalities

Not only are you in control of the color schemes, but also of your selected set of functionalities. For example, you can enable or disable the option to invite others to a session, and the option to change the url during a co-browsing session. You can specify the privileges you want to grant an agent and your customers during a session, by enabling or disabling icons in the Surfly dock. You can choose between either allowing an agent to take control, or have them request it from the person who started the session, and many more.

Adapt the Session Window Size

You can decide to set a maximum or minimum size for the Surfly session window, or remove the matching functionality altogether. In this case, the window will be set to the size of the leader’s screen.

Be Compliant and Secure

Connect safely and reliably

We recognize security is extremely important to our customers. Most of the co-browsing solution providers cannot guarantee that all session participants are seeing the exact same thing. This has heavy implications when protected information, such as a financial document, is shared. Surfly guarantees 100% accuracy which is crucial when security requirements are at stake. See how you can be compliant and secure with Surfly!

Define who can have control

When you wish you could give your customer a little more guidance on your website. Simply switch control between session participants: either an agent takes control, or requests it from the person who started the session. Handy!

Define how control can be passed within a session

You can do so by either using Surfly’s hand icon, which allows the control request or possession. You can also build your own button, enable or disable the control switching functionality.

Blocklisting and Allowlisting

You can restrict what may be done within your session. Blocklisting restricts access to specific pages during the session. Allowlisting grants access only to specific pages during the session. You can easily set up either list for your users.

Viewing or downloading documents

Session participants can upload a document either by clicking the paper icon or dragging and dropping the file directly in the chat box. By default, these documents can only be viewed, and not downloaded. You can change the settings so that the files can be downloaded. You can also disable the document sharing tool altogether.

Enable field masking

You can prevent an agent from seeing your customer’s health, financial, and any other sensitive information.

HIPAA compliant

For clients who deal with protected health information and are required to follow certain security measures, we now offer an optional HiPAA compliant solution.

On Premise

Surfly offers on-premise installation to our customers who want to run Surfly themselves, on their servers, to keep their data private.

Session Log

Review the usage history, where we keep a log of all your sessions, and download chat logs to keep track or simply refer back to them for training or security purposes. You can choose to add a custom message to the Surfly logs in order to register an event as well.

Disable Behavior

With the Disable Behavior within a session feature it’s possible to disable a certain website functionality depending on who is in control. For example, an agent can help an user fill in a form, but will not be allowed and able to click on the ‘complete order’ button.

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