About us

Surfly helps you achieve effortless, personalized and human customer experience that gives you a competitive advantage.

We take one of the most complex tools out there and make it crazy easy for our customers. This task does not take an average team, but one that’s focused yet pragmatic, driven yet relaxed, and with a healthy work-life balance. We also wouldn’t achieve what we have if it wasn’t for some good coffee to fuel our brains!

Our Space

We challenge each other every day and it is no secret working in the heart of Amsterdam helps in the process. Our space is bright, comfortable and flexes to our needs, just like our ergo-desks do!

How it All Started

In 2012 Nicholas Piël founded Surfly and developed a cutting-edge product. Surfly has been since getting solid traction with revenue. Come write the rest of Surfly’s story with us. Join our team!

“During my studies I worked part-time in tech support and discovered first hand how hard it is to help people remotely. Most of the time is wasted trying to figure out what the other person is seeing (and actually figuring out that they are looking at a completely different page than you are or thought). This is when I decided to build Surfly.”

Nicholas Piël
CEO & Founder, Surfly


The Surfly Team

Ruben Kai Baden
Co-browsing Core Developer
Josephina Bos
Operations & Support Manager
Venesha Brooks
Sales Automation Manager
Ania Osińska-Bulloff
Marketing Director
Nicholas Piël
Founder & CEO
Emanuel Rylke
Co-browsing Core Developer
Carolina Scrobogna
Account Manager
Yauhen Shulitski
Co-browsing Core Developer
Dzmitry Tolpekin
Co-browsing Core Developer
Maxim Tsoy
Co-browsing Core Developer
Tariq Valente
Head of Business Development
Dustin Wijnberg
Account Manager
  • Co-browsing for an effortless and human customer experience.

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