Who we are, and what we do

At Surfly we focus our energy on one thing: we build advanced web technology that enables companies to transform any online interaction.

We aim to be first-to-market with simple-to-integrate products and premium services that enable innovators to accelerate the development of their own products.

This is possible today with Surfly’s Interaction Middleware, which allows you to innovate any digital interaction in real-time, however you want.

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How did it all begin?

Nicholas Piël

CEO & Founder, Surfly

“While in university I worked in tech support and saw first hand how hard it is to help people remotely. After a particularly tough call, the idea for Surfly was born. But we decided to take a unique approach to building the technology that enables anyone to add collaborative and human experiences to any digital interactions through co-browsing. Our approach uses an interaction middleware, so co-browsing is just the beginning of our journey to let anyone add a layer of interaction to anything digital.”

Our history

It starts with a particularly tough support call over 8 years ago, includes an apple pie, the usual start-up challenges, winning numerous awards, hitting the 200,000 user mark, and…. well, just read a condensed timeline below.

  • 2012

    While working in tech support, Nicholas had a marathon tech support call that ended with a happy customer sending Nicholas a homemade apple pie, and the realization that the issue could have been solved in minutes if they could have browsed the website together. The idea for Surfly, and our company-wide obsession with apple pie, was born. (We still accept homemade baked goods!)

  • 2013

    Surfly raises €400k from Linden Mobile Ventures to build the first version of Surfly’s advanced proxy and co-browsing technology. Surfly officially launches in October during TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in Berlin.

  • 2014

    Our co-browsing technology starts making waves, and we are a finalist for the South by Southwest Accelerator. Even more exciting: we hit the 20,000 user mark!

  • 2016

    Surfly hits the big time and lands an investment of €1mm from Readytech in California. Surfly’s plan for global domination begins to take shape.

  • 2017

    The Surfly we know today begins to take shape as we open new offices in the center of Amsterdam. We stop relying only on our 40,000+ users to tell the world about us, and bring on our first sales, marketing, support team members.

  • 2019

    Now a dedicated team of 9 superstars (and one foosball table), we hit the 60,000 user mark, win a slew of awards, and raise €2M from Mundi Ventures. We are making big waves!

  • 2020

    Surfly more than doubles to 20 superstars, opens a beautiful office along a canal, in the center of Amsterdam, is accepted into the prestigious FIS Fintech Accelerator, hits the 100k user mark, launches our first Remote Hack-a-thon, and helps enable some of the biggest companies in the world to enhance their digital journeys with co-browsing.

  • 2021

    It’s still early in the year, but Surfly has doubled again – we now have 40 superstars and we aren’t done yet! We also hit the 200k user mark and have started work with more companies who want to leverage our core interaction middleware technology.

  • 2022

    We have some predictions… reach out and we will share them.

Our people and our space

Our Surfly superstars are the real secret of our success! And being able to work in the heart of Amsterdam along the iconic Singel canal doesn’t hurt either. Join the team and see for yourself!

Join our team


Join our team!

Our values

We are growth enablers. We believe in aiding the growth of our clients, our users, and our people.

  • We trust each other to act like owners

    We assume best intent in each other and trust everyone to do what’s best for the business, no matter how small the job or how big the title.

  • We build not just for today or tomorrow, but for the long-term

    We get things done, but always with an eye for scale.

  • We make high velocity, high quality decisions

    We prize speed over consensus: we empower small, diverse groups to move us forward.

  • We are open, fast, and constructive communicators

    We do not hesitate to respectfully challenge decisions that we do not agree with, as learning from each other can only help us grow.

  • Diversity of opinion only sharpens our ideas

    We believe that having diverse points of view helps us develop richer, better informed perspectives.

  • We set ourselves the highest standards to satisfy and grow our customers

    We’re only successful if our customers are.

  • We care

    About each other’s well-being, and the company we’re building.