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Create collaborative and fully compliant digital journeys on your platform without changing a single line of code or installing software.

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Sell faster, remotely

Surfly helps thousands of AXA agents sell faster by digitally recreating the in-person sales experience on their platform.

Agents and customers collaborate remotely to choose a policy, e-sign documents, and make their first payment.

What comes with Surfly

Co-Browsing Co-browsing
Video Chat Video chat
File Sharing
Screen Sharing

Zoom out, keep your Teams secure

Surfly Co-browsing is faster, safer, and easier to use than screen sharing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

It enables active, secure, and compliant two-way collaboration that can never be replicated with screen sharing.


E-sign on your own platform

Why use multiple external tools like Zoom and Docusign when you can just do everything in one Surfly Session?

Upload, review, annotate, and e-sign any document without ever leaving your own website or portal.


Customize it, any way you want

Surfly’s solution is flexible enough to work on the fly without any integrations as a virtual layer on top of your existing platforms, or can be quickly added to your existing technology.

Our solution is fully customizable to cater to your exact business needs.

How it works

Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, 256bit SSL encryption, full audit log features, and masking of sensitive data to ensure you stay secure and compliant in all your interactions. We are HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, AICPA SOC, and PCI DSS compliant.

What you can do with Surfly

Remote Collaboration

Shorten the sales cycle and boost conversion by integrating Surfly’s collaborative features directly into your platform. Using these interactive features, you can connect and collaborate with customers via a fully branded digital journey.

Enhance CC platforms

Surfly adds industry-leading co-browsing features to CPAAS, UCAAS, or your CC platform and helps you provide best-in-class collaborative functionality for your customers, enriching their digital journeys.

Remote Selling

Shorten the sales cycle and drive conversion rate by personalizing the sales journey with Surfly’s collaborative features. Use Surfly Sessions on your existing platform without needing to change your applications or install software.

Our customers love using Surfly

Urs B. Product Manager Digital Banking

I like how easy it is to use and get started. Also the control-switching is easy. The user, i.e. a customer, is always in control.

And the performance is great. Many features allow to really collaborate with customers and business partners.

It seems the technical solution is much better than comparable services which rely on sharing screens or pixels.

Unsub H. Principle Engineer
  • So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need to change our website.
  • Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
  • Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
  • No installation, our customers don’t need additional installation.
  • Fast performance
Mahendra M. Senior Solution Sales Consultant

Surfly is a fantastic tool

Surfly is a great tool that simplifies real-time engagement with customers. The simplicity and ease of use make it the best co-browsing solution.

Solutions Architect Information Technology and Services

A plug and play solution to add enhancements to your own platform

It enhances our existing experience on our own platform since we can video chat while collaborating with our customers or internally. The best part is that we don’t have to download or integrate anything; it just works on top of our existing platform.

Administrator Enterprise Financial Services (>1000 employees)

A hassle-free solution that is friendly to use, integrate, and affordable to adopt

Universal browsing with video chat and document upload/download is a perfect combination for digital insurance!

And I think the free trial and online resource is really helpful for early evaluation.

Akshay C. Senior Enterprise Design Consultant

You can start with zero implementation effort

Working with clients, presenting my user stories to clients, and understanding their real-time feedback is extremely easy. It beats anything else. Editing, Highlighting, Signature, Floating video, control transfer are all beautiful features that work as they should. The clients can join without any installation and from any of their devices.

Distribution Lead Enterprise Insurance (>1000 employees)

Why Surfly impressed me?

Surfly’s co-browsing solution is easy to use for both customers and agents, and the back-end system allows businesses to customize many different settings like user interface and the black-list/white-list, and so on.

What attracted me most is Surfly’s e-signature feature and document collaboration, which can help the insurance industry develop the digital online service significantly.

Shamael K. CX Advisor | SaaS BDM

The logical next step for customer engagement and deeper connection

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of implementation
  • Concrete ROI(sales, advisory, customer satisfaction)
  • Ease of auditing
  • Deeper visceral connection
Aibek A. Biz Dev | Industrial IoT | Digital Transformation

Complex technology – made simple and powerful

The concepts of so-called “screen sharing” and “co-browsing” are not new and its relatively straightforward technology, almost all of the modern tools like Zoom, GTM, MS Teams provide such an option. However, all of them miss a single most important component – reliability. I’ve lost count on times when the ongoing product demos with sales prospects have been subject to interruptions due to the incapability of traditional applications to perform consistently.

Surfly’s web sharing technology is not simply a matter of convenience, it is a solution that enables organizations to build a relationship with customers and deliver a truly exceptional sales experience.

Christian H. Product Portfolio Director

A pleasure from day one

Surfly convinced us from day one and since then, we didn’t get disappointed in this valuable and friendly partnership. The software of Surfly is a great addition to the OneDealer-portfolio and makes us, and more importantly – our customers, very happy.

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