Optimize your digital interactions with Surfly’s Universal Co-browsing

Surfly’s Co-browsing enables you and your customers to securely surf the full web together, all from one browser tab.

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Start a Surfly Co-browsing session, browse the full web together

You can start a Surfly Co-browsing Session from any URL, and then add a new tab in the same Session to navigate to other sites with other participants.

We also offer multi-person video chat, file sharing, document annotation, and responsive e-signing in the Co-browsing Session, so you can use Surfly to turn your platform into a start-to-sign solution.

Send a secure link, or integrate with your existing web journeys to join users on the fly

Surfly doesn’t require you to gain or give full access to a user’s computer, and there’s no software to download or install.

You can add people to a Surfly Co-browsing Session by simply sending them the session link, or by integrating Surfly in your current customer journeys.

Stay secure and compliant in all your online interactions

A Surfly Co-browsing Session does not store any session data and personal information to disk, but you can track actions that took place in your Sessions with the Audit Log (which only you have access to).

Surfly Co-browsing Sessions are also fully isolated to a single browser tab, and you leave the session automatically when you close the tab.

For more information on Security and Compliance at Surfly, click here ›

Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, 256bit SSL encryption, full audit log features, and masking of sensitive data to ensure you stay secure and compliant in all your interactions. We are HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, AICPA SOC, and PCI DSS compliant.

Learn more about Privacy and Compliance at Surfly’s core ›

Any questions?

Do you have questions about our plans or pricing? Feel free to contact us via our live chat, schedule a demo, or email us at You can also access our full documentation by clicking the link below.

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  • Catherine D
    23 November 2020

    Great additional service to our company!

    “It is so easy! No one has to download anything for us to connect and the steps needing to make the connection is simple. It has great features that make it easy to show multiple websites and even be able to show documents loaded in my computer. To be able to swap control of the cursor back and forth is also great, so the end user can feel a part of their own enrollment.”

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  • Christian H

    Product Portfolio Director

    26 March 2021

    A pleasure from day one

    “Surfly convinced us from day one and since then, we didn’t get disappointed in this valuable and friendly partnership. The software of Surfly is a great addition to the OneDealer-portfolio and makes us, and more importantly – our customers, very happy.”

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    • G2 easiest to use badge
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  • Unsub H

    Principal Engineer

    30 March 2021

    Secret Weapon Against COVID-19

    “Technical point of view
    – So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need change our website.
    – Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
    – Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
    – No installation, our customer don’t need additional installation.
    – Fast performance”

    Read the full Surfly review on G2

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