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  • Universal Co-browsing

    Start a Surfly Co-browsing session from any URL and browse the full web together. Send a secure link or integrate in your existing web journeys and join the users on the fly.

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  • Multi-person video chat

    Connect with users face-to-face. Join video chat automatically at the start of the Surfly co-browsing session, and easily switch between full-screen video and co-browsing at any moment.

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  • Screen sharing

    Share any content on your screen with Surfly’s secure screen sharing tool. Co-browse and screen share in the same session!

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  • File sharing

    Upload offline files and view them together. Share them securely as if you are sitting next to each other.

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  • Collaborative document annotation & editing

    Add annotations, images, and other attachments to documents collaboratively. All the changes and edits can be tracked in your audit logs.

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  • E-signing

    Sign documents and contracts with your customers: create a signature and drag-and-drop it to the right position. We follow the XFDF Digital Signature Standard to ensure a secure flow.

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  • Website or app integration

    Integrate Surfly into your existing web journeys. Organize real-time collaborative sessions straight from your own website or web application. No longer will you need to rely on external applications such as Zoom or Teams.

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  • Fully customizable

    All Surfly features can easily be customized. Document sharing, video chat, control switching, and sounds can easily be turned on or off, or you can adapt the user flow to match your needs exactly.

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  • Rebranding

    Update the Surfly interface according to your own brand guidelines, or opt for a white-label solution and add co-browsing as an invisible layer to your product.

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  • Session continuation

    Transfer existing authenticated sessions to a Surfly co-browsing session securely, without loss of data. We enable you to have fully collaborative sessions, even on highly secured areas of your website.

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Security & Compliance

  • Field masking

    Easily hide sensitive customer data in form fields to ensure their privacy and your compliance. Just add an HTML tag to the form field and it’s done.

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  • Element masking

    Entire HTML elements such as divs, images, and text can easily be hidden from specific users. Just add the CSS selector to the Surfly dashboard.

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  • Audit logs

    Keep a log of each Surfly co-browsing session to monitor the actions performed to meet security and compliance standards. Information that is hidden from the users via field or element masking also won’t show in the audit logs.

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  • Screenshots

    Enable periodic snapshots every given number of seconds or trigger screenshots while drawing or annotating in-session.

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  • Allow- and blocklisting

    With Surfly you can browse the entire web, but you can use our allowlist or blocklist feature to restrict which sites users can browse to.

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  • SSO

    Let your users sign in to their Surfly account through Single Sign On, where users will be identified by your own identity provider.

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  • ISO compliant

    Surfly adheres to industry standards for security and compliance. We are fully ISO27001 certified.

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Surfly employs TLS 1.3 transport security, 256bit SSL encryption, full audit log features, and masking of sensitive data to ensure you stay secure and compliant in all your interactions. We are HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, AICPA SOC, and PCI DSS compliant.

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