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Feature Friday: share and view documents

With the weekend just about to start, we’ve got some great news: share and view documents with others while in a Surfly session! From now on it is possible to upload/download and open documents super easy through the chat window of your Surfly session. It allows you to access documents and view them with others remotely. Just […]

Introducing: Our Reseller Functionality

If Surfly’s web sharing products are useful add-ons to the product or services that you already provide to your customers, you can become a Surfly reseller. In order to better support our resellers we’ve built a few things to help them: A management dashboard A full fledged reseller API A Chrome extension to quickly demo Surfly […]

Websharing and the rise in the world of customer contact_Surfly

Web sharing and the rise in the world of customer contact

Gartner names it a technology on the rise in it’s 2015 “Hype Cycle for CRM Customer Service and Customer Engagement”: co-browsing, web sharing, video chat and collaborative customer interfaces. But how can you use it, integrate it in current systems and make sure it reaches its goals to save time, money and make the world […]

More sales, less costs! Surfly

More sales, less costs! The results of effective remote online sales.

How do you create a more effective sales team? How do you use online tooling to create a higher conversion and eliminate costs? A trend that has been going on for a while now to get a grip on lowering margins by selling more effectively and lowering costs. But how can you realize these goals […]

New integration between Surfly and Figlo

From today on Figlo (an Advicent company) – market leader in software for financial advice and planning for banks, insurers and financial advisors – offers financial advisors the perfect solution for efficient and convenient online interaction with their customers. Figlo uses Surfly and Future of Finance to realize the easiest real time online advice. Surfly enables […]

Feature Friday: Vimeo & Gravatar

  Feature Friday is back with two new functionalities!   Vimeo Surfly already eta desetade it very easy to share a YouTube video with others. It’s time to make our Vimeo viewers happy! From today on, also Vimeo video’s can be shared in high quality. To see how it works, share this blog post in […]

Faster Forward integrates with Surfly_logo

Faster Forward Elements integrates Surfly for remote advice

Faster Forward is the Dutch supplier of Elements CRM software for financial services. From this week on a new version of their software is available, called Elements Connected. This new version enables financial advisors to communicate with customers via webcam and at the same time, share their screen. Elements Connected uses the advanced technology of […]


Surfly and Locals United make online shopping with friends super easy

Locals United is a fashion platform where physical stores gather and sell their collection online. It now expands with social shopping by using our real-time web sharing solution Surfly. Customers of the platform can now easily shop together with friends while sharing their browser and video chatting with each other. Just like Surfly itself, the tool is incredibly […]

Surfly Revolutionizes Web-based Client Contact

Press Release: Surfly Revolutionizes Web-based Client Contact

Surfly’s first product release wraps its proven co-browsing technology in an easy to use package, boasting speedy co-browsing, high quality video chat and seamless website integration   Amsterdam – May.1, 2015 – Surfly, innovator of co-browsing technology, today announced the availability of its first public product release. Passionate about making complex things simple, Surfly’s co-browsing […]

Surfly OK - cobrowsing - sharetheweb - fintech

Making Financial Information Sharing Easy

Despite the many tools and technologies available to ease communications these days, anyone working in the financial industry knows that alternatives to face-to-face meetings tend to be inefficient and plagued with interruptions and “technical difficulties.” Isn’t it time for that to change?