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Surfly Revolutionizes Web-based Client Contact

Press Release: Surfly Revolutionizes Web-based Client Contact

Surfly’s first product release wraps its proven co-browsing technology in an easy to use package, boasting speedy co-browsing, high quality video chat and seamless website integration   Amsterdam – May.1, 2015 – Surfly, innovator of co-browsing technology, today announced the availability of its first public product release. Passionate about making complex things simple, Surfly’s co-browsing […]

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Making Financial Information Sharing Easy

Despite the many tools and technologies available to ease communications these days, anyone working in the financial industry knows that alternatives to face-to-face meetings tend to be inefficient and plagued with interruptions and “technical difficulties.” Isn’t it time for that to change?

Why and How Surfly is being used

Why and how Surfly is being used
Last month we asked our users to evaluate Surfly and this is what we found.

Winning and Human to Human (H2H)

“Nothing happens till somebody sells something.” When you want to win a game or a new customer, all magic starts with different processes that reflects on yourself and your company. Being better than your competitor is all about doing the right things to fulfil the needs and expectations of your customers.

Selling is Human to Human (H2H), from Customers to Advocates

Successful sales and consultancy are not only about the product or service. After closing the deal, your business really starts. Can you execute your customers’ needs? In recent blogs we came with tips about the selling process. #cobrowsing #consulting #sales Best Books tips about Consulting Sales

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How to be an Effective Sales Consultant

2015 has begun, and all success indicators are green. Consumers are energized by the availability of more jobs and lower energy prices, leading to more money in their pockets to spend on other goods and services. Consumer spending in the fourth quarter of 2014 grew at the fastest rate in over eight years. Moreover, with […]

H2H: It’s Time to Turn on the Heat

The economy is growing fast. For you as a Sales Consultant or Inside Sales agent, your business is H2H (Human to Human). That means that the acquisition process of new information or products has changed in a way that it is more focussed on the human interaction instead of just the producer. Read more about […]

Interview with Nicholas Piël, founder of Surfly

What is your mission? My mission is to make the web personal again. With Surfly, we enable companies to connect remotely with their website visitors in a personal way. We strive to offer our solution with the highest quality which works in a simple, fast and safe way. We do not allow technological hurdles to […]

Online Presence is your Pitch

H2H and Technology A Perfect Match?

We all know that we are now in the Information Age. The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age) is a period in human history characterised by the shift from the traditional industry that the industrial revolution brought through industrialisation, to an economy based on information computerisation. The […]