Co-browsing integration now piece of cake 🍰

Co-browsing simplified

With the new API update, we’ve made integrating co-browsing in any existing website or web app a piece of cake!  Here are a few usage examples:

Apart from a big refresh to our Javascript API we are also continuously improving our REST API, it is now for example possible to collect and update session logs or retrieve invoices.

Change options on the fly

Surfly co-browsing solutionMaybe you want to change the behavior of Surfly without writing a single line of code or apply certain customizations to outbound sessions. We’ve now made this possible with the special ‘session options’ tab in the settings menu of your Surfly account.

On the session options tab, you’ll be able to quickly toggle how a Surfly session should behave. For example, disable videochat and file sharing but enable drawing.

We hope you’ll enjoy these changes!



Harder 🔨, Better ✨, Faster ⚡ , Stronger 💪

We’ve added *lots* of new functionality, so lets jump right in…

🔨 Tabs!

It is now possible to have multiple tabs within a single Surfly session. To open a link in a new Surfly tab instead of it replacing the current page, just <CTRL> + click the link!

✨ Drawing

In some cases you don’t want to take control of the session but still instruct the other session participants something visually. Now you can! Simply hold your mouse button and draw something on top of the webpage.

⚡ Blazing Performance

Surfly's CDN POP

Surfly’s Content Delivery Network

We where already known for the speed and quality of a co-browsing session, but we’ve been able to push this even further… in certain cases a Surfly session can be faster than the original website! So, how do we do this?

  • HTTP/2 content delivery
  • Automatically optimizing website content so that it benefits from HTTP/2
  • Optimized the caching behaviour
  • Serve data out of one of the many data centers all over the world

So, no matter where you or your users are located, they will always hit a server that is geo-graphically close in order to reduce latency and optimize performance!

💪 24/7 monitoring

When you are building your solution on top of Surfly you expect us to be reliable.We understand, so we do not only monitor our services continuously but we’ve also opened up our status page. Here you can even set alerts that will notify you by SMS if things do go wrong.

platform response time

This is just the start of it, we’ve got a lot more coming your way so stay tuned!

Travel agencies adopt technology to support customers online

Travel agencies adopt technology to support customers online

Travel agents used to be the people who were dedicated to making your trips as enjoyable as possible. They assisted customers with travel arrangements and made sure their plans worked out. Now that more and more people are booking their holidays by themselves, do we still need a travel agent?

Information overload

More people are looking online for travel options and more travel websites are appearing, but travelers are suffering from information overload. They get confused about options and prices and end up spending hours looking for the riTravel agents use live chat and web sharingght itinerary.

This is where the travel agent comes in. Travel agents are very good at going through the complexity and overload of travel options on the Internet to make sure they present the traveler with the best and most affordable travel deals. Travel agents can thus be of great help for getting the best travel plan, either by putting together a complete travel itinerary or by helping complete a specific task, like booking accommodation or an excursion.

A study by Moxie revealed that 70 per cent of British adults who booked travel online in the past 12 months believe that having the option to connect with a travel agent via live chat would be more personal and effective.

Live chat and web sharing

New technologies, like live chat and web sharing, make it easy for travel agents to help customers with their travel itinerary and to connect with them remotely online when they are struggling on a website. This replaces the enormous hassle of explaining everything to a customer by telephone or email.

Feature Friday: share and view documents

With the weekend just about to start, we’ve got some great news: share and view documents with others while in a Surfly session!

From now on it is possible to upload/download and open documents super easy through the chat window of your Surfly session. It allows you to access documents and view them with others remotely.

Just hit the ‘share document‘ button or drag a document into the chat window and you are ready to go!


Document Sharing with Co Browsing

The functionality works with endless of different types of documents, like Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations and images. Whether the documents are stored locally on the computer, on a network or stored online, it works seamlessly.

Sharing documents while in a Surfly session is especially useful for our clients who use Surfly to give remote advice. Next to sharing websites, online advisors they are now able to review and discuss documents with their clients.

Introducing: Our Reseller Functionality

If Surfly’s web sharing products are useful add-ons to the product or services that you already provide to your customers, you can become a Surfly reseller.

In order to better support our resellers we’ve built a few things to help them:

  • A management dashboard
  • A full fledged reseller API
  • A Chrome extension to quickly demo Surfly on the website of prospects

Client Management

After logging in, resellers of Surfly will find extra functionality under the ‘clients’ tab. The clients dashboard gives a neat overview of all your current clients and allows you to add and remove them.

Reseller functionality Surfly company overview

For each of your clients, you’ll have an overview of all their agents and can easily add and remove them as well.

Reseller functionality_Surfly_agent overview

A Reseller API

Instead of needing to make these changes manually you can also use our API and have clients created directly by your own application. Check out our API documentation for more info.

The Chrome Extension

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.30.02 PM
To make it easy for our resellers to demonstrate how Surfly works when integrated on websites of prospects we’ve created a special Chrome plugin. With this plugin one can add the Surfly widget on any website with just a click of a button and it is very easy to try out the various options we provide to customize the appearance.

In order to install the plugin, do the following:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension
  2. Open Chrome
  3. Go to Tools / Preferences / Settings (depends on your OS)
  4. Go to ‘Extensions’
  5. Click on ‘Load unpacked extension’
  6. Point it to the downloaded file

Want to become a reseller?

As a reseller you will enjoy discounted pricing and premium technical & sales support. You can decide whether you want to resell Surfly as a white label option or if you’d rather have us handle support and invoicing. Interested in becoming a reseller? Contact us at

Web sharing and the rise in the world of customer contact

Web sharing and the rise in the world of customer contact

Gartner calls it a technology on the rise in it’s 2015 “Hype Cycle for CRM Customer Service and Customer Engagement”: co-browsing, web sharing, video chat and collaborative customer interfaces. But how can you use it, integrate it in current systems and make sure it reaches its goals to save time, money and make the world of omnichannel contact more efficient?


Easy interaction with customers

Within contact centers and in customer contact in general it is evident that processes always need to be as efficient as possible. With the technology of co-browsing, you allow your contact center employees to view what the customer is viewing on a website. In the world of finance, margins are dropping and effective sales are one of the most important focus points at the moment. Imagine an insurance company trying to sell insurances by phone. In most cases the clients want to do calculations, compare coverages and receive a contract. Visualizing this process can increase the chance of a client buying this on the phone. With a web sharing session this all can be done immediately by phone: without spending any more time, you can go through all possibilities the clients have, fill in forms together and by switching control the client can even sign digitally.

Increase resolutions, decrease solution times

For sales purposes, web sharing is an easy way to make sales processes go quicker and switch from sales on location to online sales without losing the power of personal contact. But also for up-selling, cross-selling, advice and service it is a great tool. Sharing a website will enable contact centers to increase their first line resolution and decrease their solution times. Furthermore, it will drop the callback ratio, since the participant can actually see what he has to do the next time.


Higher client satisfaction rate

Either way, you are using a web sharing tool like Surfly, it insures you of a higher client satisfaction, it reduces sales friction, improves the customer experience and helps customer service agents to understand the client. Known numbers of surveyed participants are a higher satisfaction rate when using web sharing compared to interaction only by phone, online chat, email or self-service on the web. Compared to this last one, the satisfaction of your customers can increase with 34%.

Surfly_web sharing for customer support

More sales, less costs! The results of effective remote online sales.

More sales, less costs! The results of effective remote online sales.

How do you create a more effective sales team? How do you use online tooling to create a higher conversion and eliminate costs? A trend that has been going on for a while now to get a grip on lowering margins by selling more effectively and lowering costs. But how can you realize these goals with the help of online tooling?


Let your website also be your sales tool

Your website is your business card, your first contact with the rest of the world. But do you know how it is being used by your clients? When you are an account manager or sales representative, the main goals when you are selling by phone is to immediately sell or make an appointment. In both cases, your prospect will have a look on your website after your call or you actually give them the advice to do this. Besides that, you will send them an e-mail with more information and the question arises if this information is ever read. On top of that, when your prospect visits your website, will it find the information you just discussed with him that completely fits his wishes and triggers him further to do business with you?

What if you do not have to travel tot his client to meet him and explain further, or what if you can make more qualified appointments? A question that is easy to answer by sales directors or sales managers.


Add co-browsing to the sales process

Online tools like your website can be altered easily and techniques like co-browsing can be added to support the sales process. In this case, you can have your website work for you during acquisition by phone and always have the right information online without having to create extra sales materials like presentations or brochures.

With co-browsing, it is immediately possible to share a website without any downloads, installation or configuration. A sort of screen sharing solution but then without the hassle and it works two ways! You only share the current web page and can go through all the relevant products and services that you offer. It also creates more customer engagement. You can now visualize what you do on the website that your company is so proud off and can immediately show a client what you mean when answering all of his questions. You can even switch controls which make it possible for a prospect to immediately create a demo account, fill in a form or even sign a quote.


Create client portals

Even more is possible when you think of it. Because you can even create a special section within your website for these purposes. You can create the whole sales process online or a separate client portal. This is being done in the financial sector at the moment where insurance companies and financial advisors use techniques like chat, video, and co-browsing to give remote advice to their (potential) clients. They can instantly make calculations and comparisons. In this way, consumers have an overview of all the possibilities and they are not depending on a time or place to meet with the advisor.

It works a lot faster and is more effective way of working and it saves a lot of money on travel expenses, time and is proven to work more efficient in increasing sales.

More sales, less costs! Surfly

New integration between Surfly and Figlo

From today on Figlo (an Advicent company) – market leader in software for financial advice and planning for banks, insurers, and financial advisors – offers financial advisors the perfect solution for efficient and convenient online interaction with their customers. Figlo uses Surfly and Future of Finance to realize the easiest real time online advice.

Surfly enables financial advisors to interact remote and real-time with their customers by allowing them to co-browse, videochat and use functionalities as sharing and signing documents online.

Customers of Figlo can choose from different options ranging from being able to share only Figlo applications to full webcam advice with extra functionalities.

Find out more about Figlo’s solution on their website


Feature Friday: Vimeo & Gravatar

Feature Friday is back with two new functionalities!


It very easy to share a YouTube video with others. It’s time to make our Vimeo viewers happy!

From today on, also Vimeo video’s can be shared in high quality. To see how it works, share this blog post in a Surfly session and watch our latest video with others.


Your own picture in Surfly

Gravatar is your global avatar; when having an account on, your profile image appears beside your name in the Surfly chat window. It makes it very easy to identify all participants in your Surfly session. Create your own Gravatar here.

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