Start spreadin’ the news: Surfly’s Big Apple Touchdown!

Watching Surfly walk, run and then fly over the past 3 years has been a joy to behold. Of course, there was a lot of running needed in order to take off. Having tripled in size and grown a phenomenal team of true superstars in the past 6 months, I feel that we are now ready to start flying. With customers spanning across all continents, over 50 countries and over 100,000 users we are ready for our next base. We are cutting the ribbon on our second home across the pond: NEW YORK. Why New York? Because in the words of Frank Sinatra, if we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere!

Besides the lyrics of Ol’ Blue Eyes, there is the obvious historical link with our hometown of Amsterdam. In 1625, a place called New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch in what is now known as New York’s Financial District. Fast forward several centuries and the area is still a strong global financial center. As the majority of our key customers are in financial services it was common sense to be closer to them, despite the very remote world we are living in right now. In recent months we have been launching projects with some great names in the US and Canada like New York Life, Newport Group, AAA, Symetra, Empire Life, SSQ, and many more. The common theme: Helping agents and advisors to connect and collaborate with customers in an easy, secure, and visually engaging way.

Without further ado, I am extremely excited to announce that the Surfly sales team is now stronger having drafted in Long Island resident, Grimaldi’s Pizza lover, and New York Yankees/Rangers fan, Michael Smith. With a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, and a relentless focus on helping clients to achieve their business goals, Michael is already a great addition and an invaluable asset to Surfly. 

Michael’s already penned a few thoughts on his time as an investment advisor on the Surfly blog, which you can find here. He will also be virtually representing us at Finovate Fall Digital, which takes place next week. We also have a Summer Pup Surfer plush toy giveaway.

Here’s a few words from him about his previous experience and how he’s bringing that into his current role as VP of Sales North America.

“I have had the pleasure of working in the financial services world for nearly 15 years, with a large portion of that time in the Fintech space. Having worked for companies like JP Morgan & Credit Suisse, it allowed me to bring a unique insight into how large companies operate and marry that knowledge with the Fintech/SaaS startup world. I am excited to be here as the VP of Sales, North America representing Surfly – a leading co-browsing and video chat technology company that has revolutionized the way we interact with our customers or prospects, in the most collaborative and meaningful way possible via the web.”

We’re excited to have Michael on board, and we’re looking forward to doing great things together, expanding our footprint and bringing memorable experiences to screens across North America!

To learn more about Surfly’s intuitive features and how we can help you serve customers with our powerful co-browsing technology, visit our website or contact us.