The Nominees for the SXSW Accelerator 2014 [infographic]

Only a few more days and the South by Southwest Festival will start. As one of the finalists of the Accelerator competition, we’re very excited that we will be pitching Surfly on March 8.
Out of more than 500 applications, only 48 startups were selected as finalists for the competition. We were wondering who these other finalists were and where they came from.
Although most of the finalists are from the USA, Europe also has its share: the Netherlands even has two startups in the competition.

Take a look at our infographic to find out about the finalists of the 2014 SXSW Accelerator.

We’ve also created an infographic of the finalists in the previous years of the SXSW Accelerator (2009–2013).

List of SXSW Accelerator finalists 2014:

Enterprise and Big Data Technologies

  • AddSearch (Finland)
  • Addy (USA)
  • Databox (USA)
  • EvoSure (USA)
  • Fieldwire (USA)
  • Map-D (USA)
  • Shelfbucks (USA)
  • Trustev (Ireland)

Entertainment and Content Technologies

  • Artiphon (USA)
  • Eyeris (USA)
  • Fliptu (USA)
  • MentorMob (USA)
  • Namo Media (USA)
  • PlayCanvas (UK)
  • SonarDesign (USA)
  • Waygo (USA)

Health Technologies

  • Active Protective (USA)
  • Adhere Tech (USA)
  • Kinsa (USA)
  • Pixie Scientific (USA)
  • Plantiga (Canada)
  • Sensible Baby (USA)
  • ThriveOn (USA)
  • Yingo Yango (USA)

Innovative World Technologies

  • CubeSensors (Slovenia)
  • InsideMaps (USA)
  • Monsieur (USA)
  • OP3Nvoice (USA)
  • Plum (USA)
  • Synbiota (Canada)
  • The Eye Tribe (Denmark)
  • Viddyad (Ireland)

Social Technologies

  • Ansa (USA)
  • Connect (USA)
  • Felt (USA)
  • MobiSocial (USA)
  • PPLCONNECT (Canada)
  • (Israel)
  • Surfly (The Netherlands)
  • Terranova (USA)

Wearable Technologies

  • Bionym (Canada)
  • Fashion Discovery Labs (USA)
  • Jon Lou (USA)
  • Kiwi Wearable Technologies (Canada)
  • Mighty Cast (Canada)
  • Pauline van Dongen (The Netherlands)
  • People+ (USA)
  • Skully Helmets (USA)