Introducing Surfly’s improved e-signing feature

Here at Surfly, we like it when things just work. Our powerful co-browsing solution is designed to do just that, and we’re always thinking of ways to make features even faster and easier to use. 

Over the past few months, we saw an uptick in the need for better e-signing functionality for both the insurance and financial services industries. We looked at different ways to deliver what could work for our clients after noticing this demand, which was driven by their need to service customers more easily. 

That’s why we’ve improved our e-signing experience using a low-latency approach to document signing, which means no lag or load times. 

So what does that mean for you?

You could already use Surfly to guide customers through each page of a document or policy, making it much easier to answer questions and explain clauses. Now, you can use different e-signing platforms in combination with Surfly to complete the entire process in one go: from reviewing to signing. This feature also makes it possible for you and your customers to sign from both desktop and mobile. Here’s how it all works:

Guide customers through any document remotely

Move from page to page of any document in real-time, highlighting and explaining every part to your customers, even when you can’t meet them. It’s almost as good as being in person; it also means you won’t have to courier documents back and forth, or wait for signatures, saving you and your customers time and effort.

Sign responsively and in real-time

Surfly’s unique low-latency approach makes it possible for you to ‘draw locally’, which means you won’t have to wait to see a signature appear. This not only allows us to securely enable remote signing, but also creates a smooth signing experience.

Use with most e-sign platforms, on both desktop and mobile

You can now sign policies from any device and with almost any e-signature application, no matter where you and your customers are.


This new feature is part of our commitment to improving your experience with our co-browsing solution. With these changes, we’ve made it quick, easy, and seamless to sign documents remotely and in real-time, enabling you to deliver an end-to-end experience for your customers – all within Surfly.

To learn more about Surfly’s intuitive features and how we can help you serve customers with our powerful co-browsing technology, visit our website or contact us.