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Why Surfly is a win for your business


Navigate the web together: Instantly see your customer issues or illustrate a concept in a joint web session.

Document Sharing

Collaborate online, effectively: Use Surfly to share your files with others across different locations.

Video Chat

Converse face-to-face: Communicate visually with your customers and prospects for a lasting, human experience.

Control Switch

Guide your customers or let them guide you: Either the leader or the participant can take control or request control of the website in seconds.

Field Masking

Secure collaboration: Governs what an agent can see when customers input their personal information during a session.

Action Log

Make all session actions accountable: Our audit log tracks all session actions and optionally expands to custom user events. Track if an agent impacted a conversion, or if your customer clicked a certain button.

Behavior Control

Control what an agent can or cannot do: Customize your flow to make sure only your customer can click a certain button, i.e. a buy button.

White & Black Listing

Control access: Either allow or deny access and privileges to specific white or black listed members.

Customizable UI

Make it your own: Benefit from the flexibility to completely integrate into your website or product’s look and feel, and functionality.


Integrate Surfly completely into your website: You can now deliver your sales pitches and demos instantly from your own website, without needing to switch platforms.


Set up compliant sessions with Surfly: Connect with customers who deal with protected information and are required to follow particular security measures, such as HIPAA.

On Premise

Stay secure: Your sensitive data is secure with Surfly and can be stored on premise.

Blazing Performance

Benefit from the optimized performance: Always hit a server that is geographically close in order to reduce latency and optimize performance.

24/7 Monitoring

Be reliable with our open Status page: Set alerts that will notify you by a text message if things do go wrong.


Communicate visually: Highlight the specific area of a website you are wanting to point your customer to, instantly.

Element Masking

Mask any sensitive elements on any web page: Control what information an agent can see during a co-browsing session.

Single Sign-On

Eliminate password fatigue: With single sign-on, your agents can login Surfly with their corporate SSO server.

iFrame or Framesets

Works on all 3rd party content and iFrames: Navigate any embedded content (ie Google Maps, Disqus and Social buttons) 

Surfly Labs: The Endless Possibilities of our Proxy Technology

Dive into the following experiments, showcasing how the impossible use cases become possible with our technology.

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