More Sales, Less Costs! The Results of Effective Remote Online Sales

How do you create a more effective sales team? How do you use online tooling to create a higher conversion and eliminate costs? A trend that has been going on for a while now to get a grip on lowering margins by selling more effectively and lowering costs. But how can you realize these goals with the help of online tooling?

Let your website also be your sales tool

Your website is your business card, your first contact with the rest of the world. But do you know how it is being used by your clients? When you are an account manager or sales representative, the main goals when you are selling by phone is to immediately sell or make an appointment. In both cases, your prospect will have a look on your website after your call or you actually give them the advice to do this. Besides that, you will send them an e-mail with more information and the question arises if this information is ever read. On top of that, when your prospect visits your website, will it find the information you just discussed with him that completely fits his wishes and triggers him further to do business with you? What if you do not have to travel to his client to meet him and explain further, or what if you can make more qualified appointments? A question that is easy to answer by sales directors or sales managers.

Add co-browsing to the sales process

Online tools like your website can be altered easily and techniques like co-browsing can be added to support the sales process. In this case, you can have your website work for you during acquisition by phone and always have the right information online without having to create extra sales materials like presentations or brochures. With co-browsing, it is immediately possible to share a website without any downloads, installation or configuration. A sort of screen sharing solution but then without the hassle and it works two ways! You only share the current web page and can go through all the relevant products and services that you offer. It also creates more customer engagement. You can now visualize what you do on the website that your company is so proud of and can immediately show a client what you mean when answering all of his questions. You can even switch controls that make it possible for a prospect to immediately create a demo account, fill in a form or even sign a quote.

Create client portals

Even more is possible when you think of it. Because you can even create a special section within your website for these purposes. You can create the whole sales process online or a separate client portal. This is being done in the financial sector at the moment where insurance companies and financial advisors use techniques like chat, video, and co-browsing to give remote advice to their (potential) clients. They can instantly make calculations and comparisons. In this way, consumers have an overview of all the possibilities and they are not depending on a time or place to meet with the advisor. It works a lot faster and is a more effective way of working and it saves a lot of money on travel expenses, time and is proven to work more efficient in increasing sales.