How HSBC Life upgraded their customer experience with Surfly

The new remote reality that has occurred due to COVID-19 has left many companies looking for ways to quickly adapt their business processes and customer experience. How can you effectively connect with customers when they are remote, and your employees are too? This is especially important in industries like insurance where the in-person meeting is still a key piece of the customer experience. Drafting, reviewing, and signing a policy can seem like a complex process to many. So the ability to physically sit with your agent, review your policy page-by-page, and ask questions, is an integral part of the customer experience for many people. This was especially true for HSBC Life, one of the world’s largest insurers, who looked to Surfly’s co-browsing technology as the solution. 

As Jerry Ong, the Chief Customer and Operations Officer for HSBC Life Insurance, said “We understand that financial advice and matters relating to insurance policies are personal discussions and we want to make it possible for our customers to have an experience that is as close to meeting in-person, even when our financial consultants cannot be physically present.”

With the ability to have an in-person meeting now impossible, HSBC Life quickly focused on finding a way to recreate that face-to-face experience. They wanted a technology that offered an exceptional experience and was easy for both their agents and customers to use. Additionally, with the concerns around privacy and customer data when using remote sharing and collaboration tools at an all time high, the safety and security of the technology was a top priority. Working with Surfly they were able to meet all these needs. In under a week, over 1,000 HSBC Life agents were using Surfly’s co-browsing technology which helped them to enable a fully remote policy flow for their customers: from drafting a policy, signing the agreement, and even making the first payment. 

From HSBC Life, “The platform can be easily accessed by both parties with just a single click of a link and it comes with features that allow the financial consultants to guide and support their customers intuitively. This offers not just convenience and flexibility, but also an easy and safe experience for the customers and financial consultants.”

While HSBC Life is now able to add this next level of service to their remote customers, Surfly’s co-browsing technology also allows them to track and audit all actions that are taking place in a session, which helps to increase security and mitigate risk. Additionally, by analysing the actions taking place in a co-browsing session, HSBC Life will be able to gain more insights into their individual agents performance as well as continue to optimize and improve their customer journey. 

HSBC Life use of Surfly’s co-browsing technology is another example of forward looking companies confronting the current global situation head-on, and quickly adding new technology that will serve them not only now, but in the future. While the key trends that were predicted for the insurance industry in 2020 may have shifted and changed due to COVID-19, one thing hasn’t changed: the need to provide an exceptional customer experience.  

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