How to Stay Ahead in the Race for Customers (and Profits)

Is your company really invested in the customer service excellence?

From posters on the wall, to mission statements that are just that, statements without any follow through. These are some of the obvious signs of the lack of a commitment to customer experience (CX) exhibited by a company.
Micah Solomon notes a critical CX sin in a list he compiled in an article for Forbes:

Not keeping technology up to date: the technology that externally assists customers directly or that internally enables employees to give organized, efficient, personable customer service, or both.

Forget posters on the wall. Solomon is adding the outdated technology sin to the list of indicators that a company isn’t really invested in the customer service excellence.
If you are examining your conscience at the moment and have to admit that your organization is guilty of this sin, I guarantee you are not alone. In fact, you are in the majority, as revealed by Forrester in its CX Predictions for 2017. According to the report most firms don’t have sufficient CX management maturity to remove painful UX, enable design to evoke specific positive emotions, or achieve an overall excellent CX. And most of the companies will be left behind in the race for customers and consequently, profits.

Your next steps

It’s not about status quo however, but rather about actionable steps you can take. As somebody who’s experiencing a low CX commitment at your company:

  1. You can either bolt (and land with a company that does the opposite), or
  2. You can be the change agent. Surfly can help you with implementing the number one tool to increase customer satisfaction. Here’s how ROBIN, an eCommerce Customer Service company, has proved to innovate its CX practice fast.

It quickly became apparent to Patrick Speijers, ROBIN’s CEO, and his team that they were in a rapid need of a reliable, easy to integrate, and simple to use co-browsing solution. They wanted to provide a top notch technology to further improve their customer experience, and their customers’ user satisfaction.
As somebody once said “All of us make mistakes. The key is to acknowledge them, learn, and move on. The real sin is ignoring mistakes, or worse, seeking to hide them.” Don’t ignore your company’s lack of commitment to CX, and don’t stay behind in the old and useless technology bubble. Contact us today!