Customer Success Story: ROBIN Relies on Co-Browsing to Help Revolutionize Customer Experience

Surfly provides the co-browsing technology and partnership ROBIN was eager to find

Batman, the superhero who fights crime, has a helper. Together they create the superhero “Dynamic Duo” His helper is like Watson to Sherlock Holmes and has a name that recalls both the heroic folk-figure, Robin Hood, and a reddish songbird, robin. It turns out, every hero needs a sidekick.
This is how ROBIN, an eCommerce Customer Service company, explains in its Manifesto (in Dutch) they are not just a tool. They are what Robin is to Batman, a helper that co-creates the superhero “Dynamic Duo”, and helps online retail brands turn personal service into a competitive edge to ultimately sell more. Personal is key in understanding ROBIN’s mission. They declare service needs to be personal because people buy from people, both in physical shops and online. According to ROBIN, highly personalized service guarantees more sales, strengthens every brand, and every e-store at its core, directly from the website.

The Challenge:

  1. The holy grail of customer service — an easy, personalized, consistent, and pleasurable shopping experience is what ROBIN’s customers strive to accomplish in their online stores. ROBIN initially faced a few critical business challenges that Surfly helped them address. It turns out, every hero needs a sidekick!
  2. Provide quick, friendly, and effective support via a new, cutting edge technology
    Develop or find this technology fast and maintain its superb quality throughout deployment and beyond, ultimately, creating an even more competitive offering for ROBIN’s prospects and customers
  3. Fuel ROBIN’s King Plan with even more compelling and innovative features

The Solution:

It quickly became apparent to Patrick Speijers, the company’s CEO, and his team at ROBIN that they were in a rapid need of a reliable, easy to integrate, and simple to use co-browsing solution. They wanted to rely on a partner that had the adequate expertise to provide and maintain the tool. Building it from scratch was an option but ROBIN came across Surfly and decided to implement the tool in 2016.

 “Co-browsing is a very complex technology, and Surfly has all the experience and knowledge that’s needed to implement a top notch solution.”
– Patrick Speijers, CEO, ROBIN

ROBIN + Surfly IntegrationROBIN didn’t have to rebrand as they integrated Surfly’s co-browsing technology. Surfly matches ROBIN’s interface and is transparent with its functionality.

The Outcome:

“Surfly has effect on all three elements. That’s why we made the choice to integrate.”
– Patrick Speijers, CEO, ROBIN

  1. ROBIN’s customers think of them as a partner for the long haul because ROBIN has proved to innovate fast in the realm of retail and eCommerce. By implementing Surfly, ROBIN bypassed the time-consuming internal development of a complex tool and was able to instantly deliver a quality solution and a competitive edge for their customers.With no one in the industry doing anything like this, Surfly sets ROBIN and its customers apart.
    Depending on the specific vertical industries and types of questions, with Surfly, call/chat handling time for ROBIN’s customers can be reduced by up to 50%, providing an outstanding advantage and ROI. This alone, in the era of immense focus on customer experience is not only in line with ROBIN’s manifesto, but a big win for the business as well

    “Surfly helped us with both challenges. Besides, the whole domain of co-browsing is mastered by Nicholas and his team. We think of them as a professional partner.”
    – Patrick Speijers, CEO, ROBIN

  2. As co-browsing became one of the key features of ROBIN’s King Plan, Surfly helped the company increase the percentage of King Plan’s sold to their customers.

About ROBIN:

ROBIN is a fast growing technology & consultancy company in eCommerce Customer Service. ROBIN helps online retail brands turn personal service into competitive edge and sell more. Headquartered in The Netherlands, they currently serve more than 100 leading retailers in electronics, fashion, accessories, home & garden, luxury goods and more.
ROBIN software is not a conventional ticketing system. It’s designed to help online retailers build personal, proactive, real-time service capability. Their proprietary roadmap helps ROBIN’s customers keep their shopper promises and increase engagement to build trust, better CX and more sales, also through monitoring, analyzing and optimizing set KPIs. For more information, visit or