Implementing Surfly

Explore implementation options to boost your customer journeys, from simple to advanced.

Implementing and using Surfly is very easy, and our users love it

Integrate Surfly with other solutions

It is easy to integrate Surfly with or within other web applications. You can integrate with any third-party software such as CRM systems or live chat solutions. We offer built-in implementations with different providers, and for others you can use our flexible APIs to create your own implementation.

Choose a simple approach by embedding Surfly in an iframe within the application, or use an advanced approach where you deeply integrate Surfly into your product. There are many different options and we are happy to give advice. Book a demo with us today.

Implementation options

Custom button

Take a couple of minutes to add the Surfly code snippet to your website and enable the default button, or you can customize your own button to start the session. The agent will join the customer on the page where the Surfly session was started, and together they can pick up where the customer left off.

Landing page

Create your own branded landing page and integrate Surfly on it. When a user lands on the page, the Surfly session starts and a PIN number is displayed so that the agent can identify the correct session from their queue. When the agent joins the session, both users are redirected to the URL you’ve specified in your implementation. This can even be a third party URL.

Advanced implementation

Implement Surfly into your application, expand its functionalities or build your product entirely on our software.

Get started with Surfly

Professional services

If you want to implement Surfly’s co-browsing technology in your organization, we offer consulting services to help you get up-and-running as soon as possible. We also provide technical guidance to integrate Surfly with your own systems.

Interested in these and other Enterprise options? Talk to our Sales team.

Why Surfly

When you open a site within Surfly, others in the same session will be able to see and (if you want) control the site as you see it in your browser. This is accomplished with our interaction middleware alone, and you don’t have to install anything or give anyone access to your computer. During a Session, all HTTP requests and responses flow through our service, which rewrites the content and modifies it to work in a secure sandbox. This smart content rewriting is what makes Surfly unique, and significantly distinct from all other solutions.

See for yourself how Surfly stacks up against co-browsing and screen sharing alternatives.

Surfly works across the whole web, so you can go anywhere on the internet during a Session. Every Session is secure, and we don’t store any data; in fact, we can’t even access it. It simply passes through our content rewriting proxy and appears in the Session. Surfly Sessions are blazing fast, so you never have to worry about internet connectivity or video quality. You and your customers won’t need to download or install third-party apps to use Surfly, and you can implement the technology without making any changes to your website.

Learn more about Privacy and Compliance at Surfly’s core

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Unsub H. Principle Engineer
  • So easy & fast implementation. I don’t need to change our website.
  • Powerful APIs with good documents, I made a site in a few days using it.
  • Secure architecture and functions, I can do masking of personal information.
  • No installation, our customers don’t need additional installation.
  • Fast performance
Sergio F. Business Owner

Easy and efficient

“Surfly has a simple and efficient technology that can be implemented in hours and deliver its benefits right away. The simplicity of the platform is what I like the most.”

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Thorsten S Senior Presales Consultant

Easy to use, no code change on the website

“Using co-browse with the capability to make also a webRTC voice & video call”

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