OneDealer enhances their automotive retail platform with collaborative functionalities, enabling their users to engage customers better.


OneDealer, Germany


OneDealer needed to embed co-browsing, video chat, document sharing, and e-signing functionality into their automotive retail platform, used by hundreds of car dealers worldwide. These features would enable their clients to provide car buyers with a remote in-person meeting experience while visiting the dealer website or virtual showroom. OneDealer further needed to ensure that the solution they chose would have low latency and no noticeable loss in image quality. This was required to enable a high quality, immersive customer experience.


Utilizing Surfly’s flexible and well-documented APIs, OneDealer was able to quickly and easily add new digital features on top of their existing sales and
after-sales automotive platform. With co-browsing and video chat, OneDealer’s clients could meet with their customers on their existing website to discuss car options without needing to use a third-party video chat and meetings application, while document editing and signing allowed them to collaboratively edit and sign purchase contracts with their customers within the same application flow. Since Surfly’s solution shares the original content of the website, the high image quality remained intact, allowing OneDealer’s clients to recreate an immersive, in-person car dealership experience remotely.


OneDealer was able to create a visual and immerse car dealership experience via their own platform, that could be used by their clients to display and sell cars. Since Surfly’s solution was easy to integrate, OneDealer was ready to launch these new features within weeks! Additionally, precious developer hours were saved thanks to Surfly’s API-ready functionality.

“When it comes to integrating external modules to our existing infrastructure, we usually prepare ourselves for some long implementation testing days. With Surfly, we were pleasantly surprised by their API-ready functionality that enabled us to launch within weeks.”

Michael Fousteris, Head of Development, OneDealer

Key Benefits

Innovate using current technology investments with minimal change to the current infrastructure

After enhancing their platform with Surfly’s collaborative features, OneDealer was able to provide its clients with video chat, co-browsing, and e-signing to improve their virtual car dealership experience

An immersive virtual car dealership experience that allows them to easily build trust with the customer and seamlessly complete the sales cycle in one session

Surfly enabled dealers and customers to browse various car options together in real time and communicate better via video chat. Finally, they could draft a policy, upload it, and have the customer e-sign it virtually to close the sales loop in a single session.

A collaborative and visual purchase experience that helps them feel safe without needing to download and install 3rd-party software

With Surfly’s Co-browsing, customers feel in control during the ongoing sales process and don’t need to download and install 3rd party software. Even while being remote, customers feel like they are purchasing a car as if they were in-person.

Awards and Honors

Catherine D.

Great additional service to our company!

“It is so easy! No one has to download anything for us to connect and the steps needing to make the connection is simple. It has great features that make it easy to show multiple websites and even be able to show documents loaded in my computer. To be able to swap control of the cursor back and forth is also great, so the end user can feel a part of their own enrollment.”

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Enterprise Insurance

Why Surfly impressed me?

“Surfly’s co-browsing solution is easy to use for both customers and agents, and the back-end system allow business to customize many different settings like user interface and the back list/ white list, and so on.
What attracted me most is Surfly’s e-signature feature and document collaboration, which can help the insurance industry develop the digital online service significantly.”

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Administrator in Enterprise Financial Services

A hassle-free solution that is friendly to use, easy to integrate, and affordable to adopt.

“Universal browsing with video chat and document upload/download is a perfect combination for digital insurance! And I think the free trial and online resource is really helpful for early evaluation.”

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