Why AI May Be Holding You Back From Delivering a Meaningful CX

AI and automation are easy. The human effort is what offers opportunity

“The human part is the key differentiator in the customer experience. It’s the easiest to excel in, yet no one does it. If you do it, you win instantly.
(…) it’s unique because it requires human effort. (…) this is the part that is getting harder. (…) AI and automation are easy. The human effort is what offers opportunity”

In his recent video, The Paradox of Customer Experience, Steven Van Belleghem, describes two examples of human effort in customer interactions, that recently, he explains, left him speechless, impressed, and also forgiving and understanding of slip-ups. Note I’m naming feelings, and as easy as they are to overlook, they are vital for every business’ success. Mainly, because in 2017 customer experience is becoming the key battleground between businesses, and customer experience is about making your customers feel a certain way: happy, delighted, wowed or impressed.

Here’s the tricky part: even though companies build strategy around CX, or how they make their customers feel and behave in interactions with their brand, customers are hungry for more than just an amazing tool or service, and an incredible deal. People want to be emotionally connected and interact with other people (not a brand, not a company, not a tool). They want to engage with other people and as Steven Van Belleghem mentions in his vlog, a bot cannot deliver on the need of your customer seeking human to human engagement.

In the 2017 annual listing of CX trends, Operationalizing Emotion (measuring and designing for customer emotions) is the second out of nine trends expected to play an increasingly important role in CX activities this year (source: Bruce Temkin, CCXP). It comes as no surprise companies are seeking technology and automation, with a sharp eye on personalization at the same time. Personalization helps in establishing a meaningful relationship and a lasting feeling of loyalty.

It’s the goal of achieving “relationship status” with customers that has been bringing CX-focused companies to Surfly every day. Combining friction-free technology and the human effort, the hardest, yet the most rewarding part of an outstanding experience, is what our team have mastered. We recognize technology can facilitate great experiences, but there is no way in the world it can shift just an OK experience with your brand to one that leaves your customers like Steve, completely amazed. Check out how it’s done and let us know if you’d like to learn more.