Great Customer Experience Recipe to Simmer Over the Weekend

Included: a solid list that provides the most reliable ways to grow any business

What kind of customer experience do you strive to provide? And more importantly, what kind of experiences are your customers expecting? For all the cooks and non-cooks out there, this “Customer Experience Stew” recipe is guaranteed to satisfy the most sophisticated consumer.


  • Your main ingredient in the “customer experience stew” is, not surprisingly, customer service
  • Your other ingredient is a solution that unlocks business capabilities to enable highly personalized and crazy easy experiences for your customers. Note: This is the secret spice that changes the flavor of your customer experience (CX) and turns it into an amazing CX.

Cooking directions:

  • First, take customer service and deliver it to your customers in the most differentiating way. Easier said than done, since customer expectations are changing exponentially and you need to catch up or quickly anticipate what they may be.
  • You may be thinking that in order to deliver the most differentiating experience, you have to keep positioning your business as one with the best tool/product/service out there. This will make your stew taste really bland. After all, everybody is doing this exact thing. Instead, stay focused on the customer experience, as it is the only area that will give you a reliable competitive advantage. It has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and if Gartner’s predictions were correct, by now 50% of consumer product investments have been redirected to customer experience innovations.
  • Next, you will need to deliver a highly personalized, and easy friction-free experience with your tool or brand. You will have to remove every possible barrier. This is what customer expectations are about these days. Simplicity and tailored customization are key.
  • How to achieve this capability across physical and digital channels? This is when the second ingredient kicks in. Technology, when leveraged well, can substantially enhance customer experience. To be clear, these solutions don’t deliver differentiated experiences. They enable the delivery of differentiated experiences and provide a reliable competitive advantage.

What kind of customer experience do you strive to provide? And more importantly, what kind of experiences are your customers expecting? There are plenty of solutions that will help you deliver on your strategy and customer promise. They are your secret spices that change the flavor of your customer experience and turn it into great customer experience. Here’s a solid list that provides the most reliable ways to grow any business.

P.S. We like #6 the most. If you want to learn more about this proven technique of providing a stellar customer experience, do give us a shout today!

Posted by Ania on May 4, 2017

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