Using Surfly for Remote Pair Programming

With Surfly you can easily share all of your actions on the web in real time without the need to install any other software.

Working Remotely

While we were developing Surfly, we found it to be a valuable tool for working with a remote dev team.
We often discuss milestones and plan priorities. We initially did this using either Skype or HipChat but walking someone through a website is difficult as you are unable to visually point things out. If the other person can’t see what you’re seeing you have to be much more verbose in your explanation, which can be slow and frustrating.
With Surfly, however, you can show what you’re doing which makes everything a lot simpler.

Using Surfly for Development

Nowadays, when we need to plan or discuss things, we simply open up a Surfly session, share the link with the team and everybody can see exactly what’s being talked about.
Surfly works great with online collaboration tools such as GitHubBitbucket and Google Code.
When you use Surfly on one of these collaboration tools, you can do the following with a remote team in real time:

  • plan milestones
  • track issues
  • review code
  • pair programming

Simplicity is the Key

When something needs to be discussed, we instantly create a session, which everybody can join by just clicking a link.  There is no need to drag people into a WebEx or GoToMeeting session, everything just works in the browser, which most of us have open already anyway.
Below you can see an example of how Surfly works with for example GitHub.
Do you want to learn more?
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