The Difference Between Web Sharing and Screen Sharing

Web sharing allows you to surf together on the web, whereas screen sharing enables you to share your entire screen.

Advantages of web sharing

Screen sharing exists for some time, but to use it you need to download software or install plug-ins. With the introduction of web sharing applications like Surfly this is no longer the case.
The absence of software and plug-ins also makes web sharing safely. You don’t’ have to give anybody access to your computer nor do you need to add anybody to your contact list. Ending the session in Surfly is as simple as closing the browser tab.

The quality of the website in your Surfly session is identical to that of the original website, unlike the blurry text that can result from screen sharing.

Limitation of web sharing

The limitation of web sharing is that it’s confined to what you see within your browser tab; other programs or browser tabs that are open are invisible to others. This means that web sharing is not useful if you want to share more than a website, for example walking someone through a computer configuration.

However, web sharing is the best choice for people who want to share just a website and still retain their privacy.