Spring Update: HIPAA Compliance, Snappy Interface, and Robust Videochat

Spring brings transformation and change: from cold and rainy or snowy to warm and sunny, from dark to bright, from grey to green and colorful, and from sleepy to suddenly growing and budding. It’s a time of new beginnings and we are impacted at Surfly as well. Here are the latest updates we created this Spring that will benefit our customers and customers-to-be:

Surfly offers a HIPAA compliant solution

More and more clients in the healthcare industry are using Surfly, and after working hard to secure our approach and make sure that all of our partners follow the same guidelines, we now offer an optional HIPAA compliant solution for clients who deal with protected health information and are required to follow certain security measures.

A snappy user interface

We’ve changed the implementation of our UI to make it blazing fast. Along the way we’ve made the current look & feel a little bit more flat and modern, and added a fancy loading screen. This implementation change allows us to easily adapt the UI in the near future. Expect more good stuff to come soon!

Robust videochat

We’ve made the videochat more robust to auto scale and match your network connection. This means that if you are on a high quality connection, we will offer crystal clear HD quality, but we’ll scale down to potato quality, or even turn off the video stream if we detect that you do not have the network capacity for it.

First Labs experiment: a free and fast web proxy

Our partners and clients use Surfly in a lot of different ways. Some of them use it as an effective support or sales tool, others integrate it with their own chat or call center solution. Another use case includes building a full advisor platform around our technology to do remote consulting. However, we believe our technology can be used in much broader ways. Over the next few months we are set to experiment with different Surfly applications and we are looking for your input. Our first labs experiment is live, and we’ve taken the ‘co’ out of ‘co-browsing’ to enable a really fast web browsing proxy that just works.

Embrace the new season and enjoy the freshest updates from Surfly! And if you are not a Surfly customer yet, just click the button below to check us out. You will be amazed with Surfly’s simplicity and speed, now enriched by even more robustness!