Real-time Web Sharing in Education

Surfly is a useful web sharing service for both teachers and students. Web sharing can be used in distance-learning programs and to support teachers in the classroom.

Web sharing in distance learning

With distance-learning programs, students and teachers do not have to be in the same classroom and they can communicate at their own pace. Through e-learning methods, like training courses, instructional videos and webcasts, students are able to learn using the Internet wherever and whenever they want.
Web sharing services, like Surfly, make distance learning easier by enabling students to share their web browser sessions with teachers and fellow students.

Web sharing in the classroom

In the classroom, Surfly can be used by teachers, for example, to give a demonstration of a statistical program or to collaborate on documents. In addition to the teacher’s spoken or written explanation, graphs and figures can be presented to the students. Students will be able to visualize the material better and thus gain better understanding.
Collaboration tools, like Surfly, have great potential in education because they are a solution for both students and teachers with scheduling or distance problems, giving students flexibility in where and when they learn.