Making Financial Information Sharing Easy

Despite the many tools and technologies available to ease communications these days, anyone working in the financial industry knows that alternatives to face-to-face meetings tend to be inefficient and plagued with interruptions and “technical difficulties.” Isn’t it time for that to change?

Connecting Financial Professionals and Clients with a Seamless, Working Solution

Whether you’re a lending officer, a financial planner, an investment adviser, or any other client-focused financial professional, going over the numbers with your customers is a big part of your job. A number of virtual solutions have been developed over the years, all of them promising to make the process less time consuming and more convenient than in-person meetings.
Honestly, the most secure and effective of these methods is also the lowest-tech: snail mail a copy of the document(s) that you want to review with your clients, wait for them to arrive, then hop on a phone call and go through things line by line. Even this method can lead to confusion, though, and a little confusion can throw financial expectations and deliverables into turmoil and quickly sour your relationship with your customers.
Screen-sharing and virtual meeting software can ensure that everyone is looking at the same thing, cutting down on the confusion, but they’re also prone to security issues and technical glitches. The frustration they cause is rarely cost-effective, and can all but eliminate the supposed convenience of these platforms when it comes to the careful review of financial documents.

Fortunately, there’s light on the horizon. Surfly has been making waves in the world of screen-sharing, changing the technology and the user experience to make it far easier, far more secure, and far less frustrating for multiple parties across any geographic distance to sit down and look over the same documents. In fact, Surfly isn’t truly screen-sharing, technically speaking: it’s a co-browsing platform, allowing multiple computers to display the exact same thing without any additional software or any connectivity beyond a standard Internet connection.

Without delving into the technical aspects, Surfly enables multiple users to view the same website at the same pace from the computer and browser of their choice—nothing to download, nothing to install, no compatibility requirements. For financial professionals, this means you can review a document with your clients simply by putting it on a secure and private website and sending them the link.
Speed, security, and ease of communication—that’s what every new kid on the block promises, but Surfly actually delivers in a way that enables real-time multi-party document review without everyone being in the same room.

Save Time, Save Money, and Keep Your Clients Happy

Simply improving the accuracy of your document review process can save you valuable hours each month, and it saves your clients’ time and money, too. And because Surfly works across all platforms with the same ease as a standard web browser, you and your clients will find it easy to use without any learning curve.
Point, click, and co-browse, discussing the finer financial points however you choose while resting assured you’re looking at the exact same figures. Sign up now and try it today for free!