Introducing: It Takes Two

We are lucky to have so many people here at Surfly who are excited to share their expertise in different fields, and we thought there is no better way to do that than in a new short video series we are calling, “It Takes Two”.

These videos will be two minutes long (ok, maybe 2 ½ minutes sometimes) and will provide two key learnings that you can take away and use. We’ll be discussing a wide range of topics like the evolving digital customer journey, how technology can help create a more human-centered customer experience, the new remote sales journey, what the future of remote collaboration will look like, and more.

Of course if you want us to cover a specific topic, just let us know. You can reach me here:


So here it is, our first “It Takes Two” video featuring our very own Founder and CEO, Nicholas Piël, discussing how to turn any web application into a collaborative workspace. Enjoy!

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