Inside Sales – Today’s Reality

Some people say that selling has changed – In our opinion, selling hasn’t changed, since companies and people still buy. But, the acquisition process of new information or products has changed in a way that it is more focussed on the human interaction instead of just the producer.
Bryan Kramer released a great book last year: There is no B2B or B2C. Human to Human: H2H.

“We all need to think like the consumers we are, putting ourselves in the mindset of the buyer instead of trying to speak such an intensely sophisticated language full of acronyms and big words, in order to sound smarter.”

Sales is a very important function of any business organisation as it is the only one which generates revenue. But, selling is not easy and it has become even more challenging due to changing business scenarios.

In November 2014, Steve W Martin did some research with over 100 vice presidents of sales at leading high tech companies and business service providers.
Over the past several decades, the structure of sales organisations has remained largely the same. They have been primarily based on outside field salespeople who make face-to-face sales calls with prospective customers and current clients. In turn, the field salespeople have been supported by inside sales representatives, who helped them complete their daily tasks.

However, he found that today, the traditional sales organisation is undergoing a significant change. Many sales organisations are transitioning from a field sales model to an inside sales model, where the inside salespeople work independently and are directly responsible for closing business, working primarily by phone and email.
Such a transition requires the right tools so that inside sales people can become as effective as field sales people.
We strongly believe that with Surfly we provide our clients with the right tools so that an online meeting will be as effective as a face-to-face call.
How do you challenge and enable your salespeople to become more effective?
How do you help your customers to buy?