How Co-browsing Helps our Insurance Customers Get Ahead in Customer Engagement

Hint: It’s all about efficiency.

When we saw a sudden spike in Surfly sign-ups from Turkey and the Middle East, we pondered why, investigated, and found the answer.
When more and more insurance companies started reaching out to us to aid them in the race against their fierce competitors, we raised that question again. Why is co-browsing attractive to the insurance industry, and now? Here’s what we found out.

Insurance Company’s Confession

With competition increasingly breathing down insurance company’s necks, our insurance customers voiced a strong need for standing out. Their customers and prospects are evolving, and a natural way to tackle these changes is to look into how to serve them better than competitors do. As shopping online shapes the expectations of those involved in insurance-related transactions, a new demand has become the norm to deal differently with insurance agents. Customers research online, access information and an agent through various channels, and turn to them as experts and advisors to help with their purchasing decisions. This means insurance companies are in a rapid need of creating a more transparent, easy to use and almost retail-like online experience for their customers. Also, tailored and accessible from any place and any device, at any time.

How to get ahead

How is a tech solution like co-browsing helping fill the growing void to get ahead in the insurance customer experience realm?

  • It’s all about efficiency for the agents. Incoming questions and issues can be resolved much faster if customers are not wasting time explaining where exactly they are stuck on the insurer’s website. An insurance agent using a co-browsing solution can swiftly confirm their customers’ purchase decision and complete the transaction on average 55% faster.
  • It’s also efficient in that it can be implemented without changing a current support, sales, or consulting workflow, and literally requires no learning curve.
  • Cost efficiencies are a big part of co-browsing benefits, because insurance companies use Surfly’s solution to resolve the problems of their customers on first contact, and help them instantly access resources and information they seek. Agents’ time is thus freed up to focus on more strategic work.
  • It’s also efficient for the customer. Surfly’s solution requires no-downloads, no plug-ins and no-installations, which means the customer’s frustration is at a zero level, when connecting with an agent. From the start, the customer-agent relationship gets off on the right foot!

In other words, with co-browsing insurance companies are able to improve the customer satisfaction rate and the effectiveness of their calls with a solution that is so easy to use that both the agents and their customers already know how to use it.

What’s next?

Just like we were able to spot a global trend with internet restrictions in certain areas of the world and citizens of the Middle East and Turkey signing up for Surfly to, in a way, VPN to Wikipedia and other sites, we are now experiencing more and more interest from insurance companies wanting to operate smarter, and include Surfly’s co-browsing as part of their customer experience innovation.
We will be at InsureTech Connect 2017 on October 3rd in Las Vegas, and would love to connect with you to see how we can help you elevate your business and customer experience to be more efficient.