Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We’ve added *lots* of new functionality, so lets jump right in…


It is now possible to have multiple tabs within a single Surfly session. To open a link in a new Surfly tab instead of it replacing the current page, just <CTRL> + click the link!


In some cases you don’t want to take control of the session but still instruct the other session participants something visually. Now you can! Simply hold your mouse button and draw something on top of the webpage.

 Blazing Performance

We where already known for the speed and quality of a co-browsing session, but we’ve been able to push this even further… in certain cases a Surfly session can be faster than the original website! So, how do we do this?

  • HTTP/2 content delivery
  • Automatically optimizing website content so that it benefits from HTTP/2
  • Optimized the caching behaviour
  • Serve data out of one of the many data centers all over the world

So, no matter where you or your users are located, they will always hit a server that is geographically close in order to reduce latency and optimize performance!

 24/7 monitoring

When you are building your solution on top of Surfly you expect us to be reliable.We understand, so we do not only monitor our services continuously but we’ve also opened up our status page. Here you can even set alerts that will notify you by SMS if things do go wrong.
This is just the start of it, we’ve got a lot more coming your way so stay tuned!