CX Tips for Differentiating Your Company

Have you ever had an experience of losing a customer to a competitor? A company better understands how retaining customers impacts the revenues and profits and a customer experience strategy can help you in retaining more customers than your competitors. Companies differentiate themselves by executing skilfully managed customer experience strategies that give off tremendous results like a reduced churn rate and a greater level of customer satisfaction.
Customer experience and customer services are not the same. Customer service is just one aspect of the CX. A customer experience is an overall experience that a customer gets from discovering, analyzing, purchasing, post-sale experience and retention.
The strategists of a company think of questions like,

  • How to shorten the entire cycle and get the project done in a short span of time?
  • How to make the workforce to work for the same goals of maintaining high profits?
  • How to improve our purchase process?

The answers to many other questions like the above are quite the same. It is how well you plan your strategy, how well you get to know your customers and the ongoing changes you make in maintaining your customer relationship process.
Here a 4 CX tips for companies to differentiate themselves from the competitors.

  1. Value The Feedback:

    Companies who do not fight the feedback are far better than the others. For developing companies, direct feedback works the best as it helps them to improve where they lack. Negative feedbacks are difficult to dodge, but they have an opportunity to address the mistakes, salvage your brand image and build a good CX and a long customer relationship.

  2. Work On Post-Purchase Experience:

    What sets you apart from your competitors is the post-sale attention you give to your customers. Companies think that a sale process ends with the customer acquiring the good or service, but it does not. The best CX is the added attention that a customer gets after acquiring a good. It builds a trustworthy relationship with the customer with your brand.
    You are on a wrong track if the customer’s gain is your secondary motive and your own is your primary motive. Finding out what your customers need the most is the step further to your company’s success.

  3. The Three D’s Approach:

    The Bain & Company survey results that only 8% of the companies are truly delivering a superior customer experience. This 8% of the companies had a broad approach that focuses on the three D’s of CX.

    Design – Designing the right offers and goods for your customers. If you belong to an education industry, provide your users with updated news, recently published books and many other. If you are into design industry, create right offers for your customers about website design packages, interior design,
    logo designand other design-related services. You can do it well if you identify the needs of your customers, analyze it and create custom solutions specifically for each group of your targeted customers.

    Deliver – Deliver your propositions smoothly by keeping the company and the cross-functional collaborations.

    Develop – Developing the capabilities to build a long-lasting relation with your customers.

    The three D’s approach differentiates your company from the others by maintaining an ongoing process to build a lasting customer experience.

  4. Create An Emotional Attachment With Your Customer:

    A well-known phrase, “It is not what you say; it is how you say” fits the best for a good CX. The best CX is achieved when a customer gets emotionally attached to your company. A study on The New Science of Customer Emotions says that companies get a good payoff for connecting with the emotions of the customers. So why not trigger the emotions of your customers.

Wrapping up,

A customer who has an optimistic experience with a company is likely to make more purchases and turn into a loyal customer. We know that a business cannot exist without its customers that is why companies are striving hard to stand apart from the competitors and win new customers and retain existing ones with a great CX.