Surfly receives €1M investment from US software company ReadyTech

Amsterdam, December 7, 2016 – Surfly announced today that it has received a €1M investment from California-based company ReadyTech.  In addition, the companies have signed a wide ranging cooperation agreement under which they will share resources and jointly contribute to development of the Surfly product. ReadyTech will use the Surfly product as a core technology in its training solutions.

“We are very excited about this investment and relationship with ReadyTech because it will allow Surfly to accelerate product development and scale our sales and marketing.” said Nicholas Piël, CEO of Surfly. “ReadyTech has a great track record as a successful software company and an impressive customer list. As a startup, Surfly stands to benefit greatly from this close relationship.”

“Co-browsing is a critical technology for providing innovative training solutions to the SaaS market. We looked at the different co-browsing solutions available and spent time developing our own inhouse solution and it became clear that the Surfly approach to co-browsing is technically superior to other approaches.” said Kevin Woodward, CEO of ReadyTech. “This investment and relationship allows both companies to focus our efforts on a single co-browsing product and provide better solutions in less time to each of our markets.”


About Surfly

Surfly LogoSurfly is an Amsterdam-based startup, which has developed an innovative solution for sharing web sessions. Using Surfly, you can share your viewpoint on the web with someone else with just a single click. You don’t need to install any software or give anyone access to your computer.

About ReadyTech

readytech-squarelogo-1462989312640ReadyTech is a California-based software company and market leader that provides training delivery solutions to the IT market.