Remote Hackathon: Who Won?

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the Remote Hackathon today. We had over a thousand people take part in the Hackathon over the last three months, and I’d like to start by thanking them. I was really excited to see so many people participating, and even more excited to see what people would do with Surfly! 

The week before we started the Hackathon, we had just closed the doors to Surfly’s headquarters and asked our team to work from home. It was a difficult situation to adjust to, even as a company that has remote work ingrained in its culture, and we knew others would be struggling to adapt to social distancing as well.

We wanted to open up the (metaphorical) doors to anybody who had an idea that could help people to collaborate with each other, and we’ve been continually surprised and impressed by the creative solutions people developed. It was hard to choose a winner, but we had to! So without further ado:

The Winners

🥇 First Place

ProctorVIEW is a Dutch start-up that created a privacy-friendly proctoring solution for education.

ProctorVIEW used Surfly’s co-browsing to set up a two-way connection for remote proctoring, so the exam monitor could see the student and the exam the student was taking, all at the same time. The solution was a clear winner because of its potential and the implications for remote education, with over a thousand students at the Hogeschool Utrecht already using it to write their exams!

🥈 Second Place

Men’s fashion brand Suitsupply is known for its extremely personalized in-store shopping experiences.  

After pandemic restrictions, sales agents could no longer deliver those experiences, so Suitsupply sought to recreate the same level of support remotely. The brand used Surfly to give website visitors the opportunity to start a co-browsing session with the sales agent and browse outfits on the site, almost as if they were in the store together.

🥉 Third Place

hackajob is a tech recruitment start-up that helps developers get (you guessed it) jobs.

The team at hackajob couldn’t hold on-site recruitment tests for developers while working remotely, so they implemented a remote recruitment process and used Surfly’s co-browsing to conduct it. Recruiters could see the test as the candidate attempted it, helping both parties to understand and address bottlenecks which would have hindered the testing process otherwise.

⭐ Honorable Mention

PlanNet21 is a Cisco Gold Partner that specialises in UCCE integrations. PlanNet21 integrated Surfly into Cisco ICM queueing engine and therefore also into Cisco reporting. Surfly has a specific tool to integrate and start sessions, and PlanNet21 integrated it and made it a part of the agent interface.

Here’s what ProctorVIEW, SuitSupply, and hackajob have won:

+ €50.000,- Surfly Credits
+ JBL wireless headphones
+ Logitech StreamCam

+ €25.000,- Surfly Credits
+ JBL wireless headphones
+ Logitech StreamCam

+ €10.000,- Surfly Credits
+ JBL wireless headphones
+ Logitech StreamCam

Congratulations to the Hackathon winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! 🎉 🎉 🎉 


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