Winning and Human to Human (H2H)

Today, there wasn’t a desk available, but the table-tennis table was free. I felt the need of playing table-tennis. So we played a game. You must know I love winning in everything I do: sports, gaming and business. In recent years, we haven’t heard much about winning. We’ve become more humble. We have gained insight and grown, and developed our business more transparently, and now focus on the needs of our customers. B2B or B2C became H2H. Did we become more modest about our successes because of the last recession and the high unemployment rate?

Winning is a Reflection of Oneself

Winning is not just about beating the competition. “In our opinion winning is about bringing the best out of yourself and your company.” For Surfly, it means developing the best co-browsing software. In our last blog, Selling is Human to Human (H2H), from Customers to Advocates, we opened with the quote: “Nothing happens till somebody sells something.” When you want to win a game or a new customer, all magic starts with different processes that reflects on yourself and your company. Being better than your competitor is all about doing the right things to fulfill the needs and expectations of your customers.
When you focus on winning a new customer, employees and departments have to collaborate to win that deal. You need the right content and the right decision maker; you must know your client’s needs, and you must bring the latest and best technology to the project to succeed.

The Ultimate Win

Winning a new customer feels good. However, when you win a new customer and their company benefits from your services or product and thereby achieves greater business success, it’s the ultimate win. Last month, I enjoyed taking part in a meeting about the launch of our new API release. The discussion wasn’t about when to release, but whether we were ready to release. Our new co-browsing API allows you neatly to integrate our real-time co-browse technology into your own products. So, it’s not about Surfly; we just want to help you build your business. In a recent interview with Surfly’ founder Nicholas Piël, Nicholas said:

“My mission is to make the web personal again. With Surfly, we enable companies to connect remotely with their website visitors in a personal way. We strive to offer our solution with the highest quality, which works in a simple, fast and safe way. We do not allow technological hurdles to hamper our efforts; we overcome them.”

With this API, we’re even ready for resellers. Next weeks we will inform you more about the API and the reselling possibilities.