Web Sharing on the Rise in the World of Customer Contact

Gartner calls it a technology on the rise in it’s 2015 “Hype Cycle for CRM Customer Service and Customer Engagement”: co-browsing, web sharing, video chat and collaborative customer interfaces. But how can you use it, integrate it in current systems and make sure it reaches its goals to save time, money and make the world of omnichannel contact more efficient?

Easy interaction with customers

Within contact centers and in customer contact in general it is evident that processes always need to be as efficient as possible. With the technology of co-browsing, you allow your contact center employees to view what the customer is viewing on a website. In the world of finance, margins are dropping and effective sales are one of the most important focus points at the moment. Imagine an insurance company trying to sell insurances by phone. In most cases the clients want to do calculations, compare coverages and receive a contract. Visualizing this process can increase the chance of a client buying this on the phone. With a web sharing session this all can be done immediately by phone: without spending any more time, you can go through all possibilities the clients have, fill in forms together and by switching control the client can even sign digitally.

Increase resolutions, decrease solution times

For sales purposes, web sharing is an easy way to make sales processes go quicker and switch from sales on location to online sales without losing the power of personal contact. But also for up-selling, cross-selling, advice and service it is a great tool. Sharing a website will enable contact centers to increase their first line resolution and decrease their solution times. Furthermore, it will drop the callback ratio, since the participant can actually see what he has to do the next time.

Higher client satisfaction rate

Either way, you are using a web sharing tool like Surfly, it insures you of a higher client satisfaction, it reduces sales friction, improves the customer experience and helps customer service agents to understand the client. Known numbers of surveyed participants are a higher satisfaction rate when using web sharing compared to interaction only by phone, online chat, email or self-service on the web. Compared to this last one, the satisfaction of your customers can increase with 34%.