Travel Agencies Adopt Technology to Support Customers Online

Travel agents use to be the people who were dedicated to making your trips as enjoyable as possible. They assisted customers with travel arrangements and made sure their plans worked out. Now that more and more people are booking their holidays by themselves, do we still need a travel agent?

Information overload

More people are looking online for travel options and more travel websites are appearing, but travellers are suffering from information overload. They get confused about options and prices and end up spending hours looking for the right itinerary.

This is where the travel agent comes in. Travel agents are very good at going through the complexity and overload of travel options on the Internet to make sure they present the traveller with the best and most affordable travel deals. Travel agents can thus be of great help for getting the best travel plan, either by putting together a complete travel itinerary or by helping complete a specific task, like booking accommodation or an excursion.
A study by Moxie revealed that 70 per cent of British adults who booked travel online in the past 12 months believe that having the option to connect with a travel agent via live chat would be more personal and effective.

Live chat and web sharing

New technologies, like live chat and web sharing, make it easy for travel agents to help customers with their travel itinerary and to connect with them remotely online when they are struggling on a website. This replaces the enormous hassle of explaining everything to a customer by telephone or email.