Surfly Wins Two Prestigious Customer Support Software Awards for Delivering a Unique Co-browsing Experience

surfly awards

We are delighted to announce that our unique co-browsing solution has been acknowledged and awarded by a top software review provider platform., one of businesses’ most preferred software expertise destinations, recommended Surfly as a very effective and engaging support platform, and ascribed it two of their best awards.

Surfly now holds the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for remote support software, both dedicated to best-of-breed applications that work hand-by-hand with customers, to make their experience as streamlined as possible. The Rising Star award in particular is reserved for innovative systems that establish good traction with customers, while the Great User Experience award is used to distinguish reliable and easy-to-use products that meet the needs of decentralized and remote teams.

Our solution was also discussed among the platform’s top 10 customer support software solutions for 2017, because of its simplicity and ability to cater to diverse teams from all industries. Experts recommended Surfly because of its real-time, chat empowered collaboration, innovative advice portals, and the absolute freedom it gives to support teams to connect it to their systems and applications.