[Video] Surfly on the Move: Meet the Team and Visit the Office

Moving can be stressful. So many people dread it: going through your old things, packing of things that will get moved, taking measurements, and then decisions about furniture and final touches. You pray for the delivery crew to be there on time and do a good job. You pray they know how to assemble your furniture, and that your old furniture doesn’t get scratched. Decisions, decisions, decisions! We’ve all been there.

There is something amazingly refreshing in the moving process, though. The smell of new floors, furniture, and paint. Your decluttered space and fresh appliances. It’s like a new beginning, a fresh start into a bright future! With a few blisters on your hands, but who cares!

We’ve been gearing up for our office move for quite some time and today is our first day in the new space. I can’t believe the moving and assembling, and decorating stresses are pretty much behind us. Now it’s all about growing into this amazing, new, spacious office, filling it with new colleagues, and making it ours.
There are a few things the co-browsing wonder team will be missing about the old office. And a few we won’t:
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