Stay on top of team projects with Asana & Surfly

Remote work makes the term ‘stand-up’ a bit of an oxymoron. According to Wikipedia:

A standup meeting (or simply “standup“) is a meeting in which attendees typically participate while standing. The discomfort of standing for long periods is intended to keep the meetings short.

But if you—like many of us at Surfly—have lived almost exclusively in sweatpants for the last year, you know it’s nice to be comfortable. That’s why we don’t mind stand-ups taking a little longer; at the end of the day, a relaxed, collaborative stand-up culture makes it easier to get work done together, especially as we hire and onboard more people remotely.

So for the past year, we’ve made stand-ups something to look forward to by using Asana’s project management and Surfly’s co-browsing & conferencing together.

If your team uses Asana, you can make meetings personal, engaging, and productive in just five minutes with Surfly.

Here’s what you can only do with Asana in a Surfly Session: 

  1. Get everyone in the same Session with a link that opens to any website
  2. Start with a view of all participants, or minimize to speaker view to see Asana
  3. Switch from Asana & speaker view to full-screen video that shows everyone
  4. Stay logged in to Asana in Surfly for quick access
  5. Start video conferencing automatically when you join the Session
  6. Discuss progress and update cards in real-time with voice and video chat
  7. Line up projects in new tabs in the Session to access them quickly

Run better remote stand-ups in just five minutes

All you need is your Asana credentials and a Surfly account; if you’re using Surfly for the first time, you can start a free Enterprise trial account here.

Step 1: Log in at Type and click Start co-browsing.

Step 2:  Log in to Asana.


That’s it—you’re all set. Share the Session link to start your first Surfly stand-up!