Life at Surfly #1 with Marli

Do you want to know what it’s like to work at Surfly?

Today we are introducing Life at Surfly, Episode 1, with Marli Ritter (she/her), our UX Lead.

Marli gives us her thoughts about her new life in Amsterdam and about all the amazing work we do at Surfly.


Q. Hey, Marli

Thanks for joining us today! So it’s been a few months now since you have joined us here at Surfly, how has it been so far?

It has been amazing so far! Not only has Surfly been really helpful in making the relocation process as smooth as possible but the team has been very welcoming too. The support I’ve received from Surfly in these first critical months has highlighted the company’s dedication in building a grounded team with solid values. My onboarding buddy helped me with everything I needed to know to settle into my new role.

Q. How would you describe Surfly to someone that is not familiar with us?

A magician’s hat. You can pull all kinds of magical things out of it 🙂
Seriously though, there is nothing like it out there. Surfly is a new technology that allows you to build any custom web experience between 2 or more parties that requires no downloads or installation and is fully secure. It’s a really powerful tool for any company who wants to create tailored customer journeys.

Q. Do you have any tips to share with someone who will be relocating to Amsterdam?

Brush up on your cycling skills. Cycling was something to get used to since I haven’t been on a bicycle in over 20 years but when you get the hang of it, it’s so easy to get around. There are a lot of bicycles in Amsterdam!

Q. What is the weirdest thing you had to get used to in NL?

Almost everything comes in paprika flavour. As you can tell I’m not a big paprika fan 🙂

Q. What are you excited about in the coming months?

I’m excited about being part of a startup that will reinvent digital collaboration in the next couple of years. Also, to see snow and frozen canals!