Life at Surfly #2 with Ashish

In case you missed it, we’ve launched a new blog series called Life at Surfly! You can check out the first episode here.

In Life at Surfly #2, we welcome A Ashish, full-time Support Manager 🖥️ at Surfly and part-time pool player 🎱

Q. Thanks for joining us today, Ashish! Unlike some of us, you could be considered a Surfly dinosaur by now, given the time you’ve spent here. When you joined, how many people were there in Surfly? And how have you seen the company change since then? 

I’m probably a T-Rex then! 🦖 I believe we were 10 people when I started. It feels just like yesterday to be honest, but so much has changed in these 1.5 years. The company quadrupled in size, the main office changed, we became ISO 27001 certified, and the momentum is greater than ever. What hasn’t changed though is our mind-set, motivation and zeal to offer the best co-browsing solution in the market.

Q. In your job you are really in the front lines, working every day to make sure our customers have a great experience with Surfly and that everything is working well for them. How do you like working with our customers?   

I like it very much. Our clientele includes users from all walks of life. There could be a high school student collaborating on a presentation, a sales team selling cars via virtual tours, a bank doing remote investment management, or an insurance firm completing policies with their customers. And it does not stop there, because our Interaction Middleware technology has limitless potential. We also have clients and partners who integrate Surfly into their CC platforms, CRMs, Webapps or use it out of the box. It is so fascinating to learn about their user-journeys, understand their pain-points, work out solutions and most importantly get the confirmation that my proposed solution works! There is always something new and exciting to work upon, to learn from and to help customers with.

Q. How has your role changed as the company has grown so much these last years? 

When I started the focus was mainly on delivering the required information and support to the clients while educating myself voraciously about Web, APIs, Proxy, Development, SaaS, and a whole lot more. Now, our main focus is to deliver the best support, set the clients for success and continuously gather feedback to stay aligned with clients’ goals.

Q. What can we wake you up at night for? 

I am a night owl so you’re probably going to find me awake until late. But if not, an offer to play a game of pool will be music to my ears any time 🙂 

Q. What are you excited about in the coming months?

A lot of things.  We are rapidly growing the team so I’m excited for new colleagues. We are also releasing new enhancements and functionalities every other week (I can’t reveal the details. 🤫) so I am excited for the feedback.