Introducing ‘Huddle Mode’ – Collaborate in Real Time Like Never Before!

Just a few months ago, we unveiled Surfly Spaces, a revolutionary feature that transforms any web application into a collaborative space where multiple participants can share content in a real-time interactive session. As a leading provider of ‘co-browsing‘ technology, we’re known for enabling one user to share their web session with another. But with Surfly Spaces, we’ve taken it to the next level by allowing multiple people to securely share content together, while maintaining our signature high quality and low latency performance.

Say Goodbye to Presenter Mode with ‘Huddle Mode’

Huddle mode is a new feature within Surfly Spaces, that allows you to collaborate in real-time by disabling the ‘Presenter mode’. In the new ‘Huddle mode’, there is no longer a requirement for a single presenter within the session. Instead, every participant can pick and choose what they want to see, untangling the traditional presenter mode and creating a truly collaborative experience akin to popular solutions like Figma, Miro, and Mural. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Huddle Mode works and some of the exciting use cases it enables.

How it works

Getting started with the new huddle mode is incredibly easy. As a host, you can simply disable the synchronized presenter mode by clicking on the participant tab and switching off the ‘Host Only Presenter’ toggle.

Turn off Presenter mode to enable Huddle mode

Each participant can now open their own content by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the Surfly tab bar, and they can easily switch between following any of the active participants by clicking on their profile picture.

Endless Possibilities for New Use Cases

While the single presenter mode will still be the default, the new huddle mode opens up exciting possibilities for innovative use cases that were not previously possible. Here are a few examples, but we encourage everyone to come up with their own unique use cases:

Collaborative and Interactive Standups

During daily standup meetings, we often use the huddle mode to allow each participant to prepare and share content from their own logged-in GitHub profile. This enables us to quickly zoom in on each person’s tickets in their original context without the need to switch screens.

Shared Shopping / Travel Booking

Have your friends gather in a shared room, where each participant can search individually for amazing locations to venture to. Then, while communicating in a video chat group, you can quickly switch between your own view and that of others to understand what they are excited about.

Online Classroom Experience

As a teacher or tutor, you might want to instruct your students on a certain topic, then after presenting the material simply turn off the ‘presenter mode’ and invite each and every student to complete the exercise by opening a certain pre-defined URL. Then, as a teacher, you will be able to view the progress of all your students.

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