How to Get the Most out of Screen-Sharing in Skype

For most people, Skype is a very easy way to stay in touch with others around the globe. People use Skype because it is free, it is easy to use and it has several tools for sharing experiences. For instance, you can use the camera on your laptop to send images of yourself or your new house to the other person.
Another feature of Skype is screen-sharing, which makes it possible to share screens with each other while talking. Screen-sharing makes it easy to show something on a local website, book a trip together or explain how a website works.

However, if you don’t have a premium account on Skype, this feature has a big disadvantage: you cannot share your screen and use the video feature simultaneously.

So, wouldn’t Skype be even more fun if you could share your internet screens and see each other at the same time? With Surfly this is possible very easily. All you need to do is open, enter the website you want to surf and share the link in Skype’s chat window. Moreover, Surfly also works fast and the quality is great.

No more complaining about bad quality or failing calls caused by a slow internet connection, because Surfly makes your Skype experiences easier and more fun!