H2H: It’s Time to Turn on the Heat

The economy is growing fast. For you as a Sales Consultant or Inside Sales agent, your business is H2H (Human to Human). That means that the acquisition process of new information or products has changed in a way that it is more focussed on the human interaction instead of just the producer. Read more about H2H in our Blog: Inside Sales- Today’s Reality.

It’s Time to Turn on the Heat and go the Extra Mile.


The Transformation of the Customer Relationship

“There is an urgent need for an extreme transformation of the customer relationship. Customers live in a world of self service, big data, customer automation and the integration of the online & offline world. If your organization fails to implement the digital relation, your future becomes very uncertain. Succeeding in the digital transformation will not be enough. As a consequence of the digital evolution, there is also a need for the human transformation of your customer relationship.”
—Steven van Bellegem, When Digital Becomes Human.


Business is H2H. People add Value.

As an Inside Sales or Sales Consultant, you have to give a little more effort, attention and care. People still make the difference. People are personal, conversational, empathetic, inspirational and humorous, and collaboration between people is the key to solving problems. It’s Time to Turn on the Heat. Business is H2H.

Soon, we will release a whitepaper titled, ‘How to be Effective as a Sales Consultant’.

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