Google Helpouts – Even better with Surfly

Today Google released Helpouts, a new service that allows you to get in touch with real people who can help you through a Hangouts session. This sounds like a great new tool to make the web more social and collaborative.

When introducing Helpouts, they say: ‘Helpouts makes getting remote help as easy as clicking a link.’ This is very similar to how we describe our service. Helpouts and Surfly complement each other like peanut butter and jelly.

Hangouts is great, but its screen-sharing? Not so much. It has low quality, it’s slow and it doesn’t allow the other person to point things out.
This is exactly where Surfly fits in. Surfly addresses these points and is really easy to add to a Helpouts/Hangouts session.


Screensharing quality

In the following video you can see how the presenter quickly and easily creates a Surfly session while in a Hangouts session, and then shares the Surfly link over chat. The result is a side-by-side comparison of Google Hangouts’ screen-sharing quality (visible on the left) compared with the quality of a Surfly session (shown on the right).

The presenter then opens a slide-sharing application. The differences in quality and performance are pretty big, but don’t take our word for it; try Surfly and see for yourself.


Just add a little bit of Surfly

Imagine you are helping someone to manage their WordPress blog. Wouldn’t it be nice if the shared website would render just as quickly, and in as high quality, as the real website? With Surfly it can!
So give it a try, add a little bit of Surfly to your next Google Hangouts session.

Setting up a session is very simple: open, enter a website and share the resulting link. There’s nothing to it. No extra software to install, no plugins to set up. It just works!