Go Beyond Expectations with Your Customer Service Desk

If there is any place where companies have improved their engagement with their customers in recent years it is at the customer support desk. Increasingly, businesses are realizing that excellent customer support is the key to customer loyalty.

The value of positive customer service experiences

Research from Zendesk is clearly presented in an infographic showing the consequences of customer service quality. Basically, a good experience leads to more sales from that customer while a bad experience will drive the customer to a competitor. Those findings may seem obvious, but what is new is how customer experiences are being shared with others through social media or online reviews. This wider reach can change public perception with results far beyond the single customer who had the experience. Thus, positive customer service experiences are more valuable than ever.

Important customer support features

The three most popular customer support services, Zendesk , Freshdesk and Desk.com (1), demonstrate their commitment to the following important customer support features:

  1. Localization: support your customers in their own languages.
  2. Multi-channel: support your customers on different communication channels: email, Twitter, Facebook, website, telephone, chat.
  3. Video Tutorials: create easy-to-follow videos that will help customers solve presented problems.
  4. Open Knowledgebase: use a knowledge base that is available to both your clients and your agents.

All these features share the goal of lowering barriers for users. For example, localization and multi-channel features allow you to be as close as possible to your customer by using their preferred channel and language of communication. Video tutorials give customers instructions on how to solve a problem themselves. Customers can watch the instructions at their own pace, pausing, stopping, and rewatching the video. An open knowledge base ensures that useful or relevant information will be accessible and easily updated.

Go beyond their expectations

The features described above cover most of the standard requirements for good customer service. For an awesome customer experience, though, you’ll need to WOW your clients and go well beyond their expectations. An in-depth study of consumer engagement by Live Person found that 82% of online customers believe that getting their issue resolved quickly is key to online satisfaction; 93% of those customers believe that real-time tools are valuable in doing so.
Surfly is such a real-time tool that can greatly improve this kind of online engagement. With Surfly, you can surf the web along with your customer instead of going back and forth with the customer, explaining each step. Our web sharing solution helps you provide better support and decrease the time needed to solve a problem. This results in happy customers, increases online sales, and reduces service costs.
(1) On the GetApp website you can find a full comparison of the three most popular customer service support systems.