Feature Friday – Share More Than Just The Web

Surfly allows you to share more than just web pages. When you open images, text files or even PDF files directly this will now just work!

PDF support can be really useful when sharing and discussing documents remotely with others. We already had support for these kind of files through online web based applications that are able to handle them, such as:

Surfly in combination with the above tools allows you to present these files to someone remote. This can be really useful if you want to give remote presentation or walk over financials in a spreadsheet.

We’re happy to announce, that from this day you can now also share these kind of links with Surfly directly. Thus, when a website links to a PDF file your Surfly session will continue to work and you can collaboratively browse that document! Even more, once you’re within the PDF viewer, you can view local PDF files and share them with others. This works without the need to actually upload them to an external service, this makes sharing these kind of files simple, fast & safe.

The instruction video below shows how to share a PDF file from the web and after that how to open a PDF file stored on your own computer.

Posted by Florien Handgraaf on Feb 21, 2014

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